6 Social Media Terms to Get Familiar With

The world of social media is full of terms. Even if you’re knowledgeable on the topic, some of them might make you scratch your head.

Social Media Lingo You Should Know

If we reviewed all social media terms from A to Z, this post might never end. Social media has its own set of technical terms and specialized words and, ideally, you should know them all. For now, we have chosen six social media terms you don’t want to be in the dark about.

1) Community Manager

Online customer service and interaction are crucial to business success. A community manager will handle all of your social media presence, focusing on building credibility to grow your online audience and drive sales.

2) Impressions

You might be confused by this word. An impression, in the online advertising scheme, refers to every time an ad is “fetched” from its source and counted.

Social Media Lingo You Should Know

2) Geotag

A geotag is a type of metadata which is added to online content such as videos and photographs, that contains a geographical ID or coordinates. Have you noticed how Instagram can tell you where photos have been taken? That’s geotagging.

3) Handle

If your business is on Twitter, this one will come in handy. The handle is the name that is given to someone’s @username. For example, our handle is @ImpressionsGrp.

4) Hashtag

One of the most popular terms in the social media world. A hashtag is basically a label that is used to classify content to make it easier to be searched for. It’s defined by a pound sign “#” which is placed at the beginning of a word or a phrase.

5) Click-Through Rate

This is a very common social media metric. It represents the number of events where a visitor clicked through, divided by the total amount of impressions a specific piece of content might receive.

Become Social Today

At Impressions Agency, we are prepared to help you set up a solid social marketing strategy that will allow you to gain influence and increase engagement with your audience. Get a free quote today and let your customers give you a hand with your marketing!

5 Scary Content Marketing Practices that Are Harmful to Your Business

The scariest thing going on this October might be making these content marketing mistakes.

Content Marketing Practices You Should Avoid

When you don’t execute your content marketing strategy correctly, it can really cost you. It’s frightening to know that many businesses have seen the negative impact of following these poor content marketing practices. If you want to see your content marketing strategy succeed, avoid making these mistakes:

1) Being Self Indulgent with Your Content

Not considering your audience when you write is the number one mistake businesses make. It’s a matter of points of view. You might be very excited to let people know about your products or services in a very straightforward way, but this information belongs on your website, not your blog. Customers are interested in content that helps them solve problems or questions they might have, and if you don’t provide that, they’ll find it elsewhere.

Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid2) Posting Content without Format

It’s not just about writing; it’s also about making it appealing for people even to consider reading your content. Would you read a 600-word paragraph with bad grammar and no images? Probably not. So, why would you ask your audience to?

3) Keeping Content to Yourself

Posting articles on your blog is not enough. You have to get it out there, and social media is the best platform for that. If you don’t share your content, it’s possible no one will read it.

4) Never Replying to Customer’s Comments

Comments on your blog are just as important as in social media. Replying is essential customer service. If you ignore them, people will think you don’t value them, and that’s is not the feeling you want to promote. Take time to interact with your audience and show them you care.

Effective Content Marketing
Good content marketing keeps customers coming back

5) Always Sharing the Same Type of Content

If your posts are all the same amount of words, follow the same idea, and have the same images, your content is bound to become annoying to your audience. Try mixing things up a bit. Share a video, approach new topics, resort to different types of content to keep people interested.

Spot-On Content Marketing

Need help with content creation? Impressions Agency is here to help your business get all the benefits that content marketing done right has to offer. Fresh and engaging content that is easy to read will increase traffic to your website and give you more exposure. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you achieve your business goals!

Getting Your Kids Ready for the End of Daylight Saving Time

Twice a year, Daylight Saving Time (DST) seems to sneak up on all of us. The good news is that we’re nearing the end of DST, which means that we’ll get another glorious hour of sleep in the morning. Unless, of course, you have young children at home.

For parents, the end of DST means staying up late, and getting up early, because your kids can’t just turn off their internal clock from one day to the next. And, if your kids aren’t sleeping in, then you won’t be sleeping in, either. So, get your kids ready for the end of DST by making small adjustments to their sleep schedule.

End of Daylight Saving Time
Make small adjustments to your kid’s sleep schedule to help them make a smooth transition when DST ends.

Adjusting to the End of DST

Avoid the days of being sleepy and cranky by preparing early for the end of DST. At 2 am on Sunday, November 5th, 2017 we all set our clocks back one hour.

Most adults look forward to getting that extra hour of sleep Sunday morning, but your kids are most likely going to stick to their regular sleep schedule and wake up early. You can make small adjustments in the week leading up to DST so that the transition is smooth.

Going to Bed Ten Minutes Later

Start adjusting your kid’s sleep in the weeks leading up to the end of Daylight Saving Time. In the week leading up to November 5th, start by making bedtime ten minutes later every night, or every other night, depending on how early you start.

It may not seem like much, but if you already have a steady sleep schedule for your kids, then ten minutes will make a difference, especially at night. Fortunately, there is nothing kids love more than being allowed to stay up past their bedtime.

Changing Your Child’s Internal Clock

Changing kids internal clock
Keep your kids awake a little longer each night in the week leading up to DST.

You may have an easy time keeping your child awake past their bedtime, but once morning rolls around, your child’s internal clock is going to trump your house clocks.

Unfortunately, you can’t just tell your kid to enjoy an extra hour of sleep in the morning. Their internal clock is going to wake them up at the same time as usual. So, if they’ve been waking up at 6 am there’s a very good chance they’ll wake up at their usual time on Sunday, November 5th. With the adjusted time, they’ll be up nice and early at 5 am, and you can kiss that coveted extra hour of sleep goodbye.

By making small adjustments to your kid’s schedule leading up to DST, you’ll slowly begin to change their internal clock, and they’ll transition smoothly into DST.

The Gift of Sleep

We usually give tips, tricks, and insights into helping businesses make great online impressions and grow. However, since Impressions Group is a family owned business, we thought we’d get a little more personal and give our fellow parents out there some tips on the upcoming time change.

We know all too well how important it is to get all the sleep you can, whenever you can, especially for parents with young kids. Sleep is one of the most undervalued tools for success in every aspect of life. Give yourself, and your kids the gift of sleep by being proactive with changing your kid’s sleep schedule before DST.

Why a Well-Designed Website Makes All the Difference

Having a physical storefront is no longer enough. You need an online storefront, too. If your business doesn’t have a reliable website, you’re losing customers every minute.

The Importance of a Well-Designed Website

Your website is a must-have element of your marketing strategy. A well-designed site can make a great first impression on your visitors, which in turn can have a significant impact on your business. Whether you’re considering getting a new website or redesigning your current one, here are a few of the reasons why a good website is vital to your business:

Generates Trust

You can make visitors very happy with good usability, but it’s not just because it makes it easier for them to navigate through your site. Research shows that when usability is low people start to second-guess your business, but the higher it is, the more likely customers will be to trust your products and services.

The Importance of a Good Website

Increases Customer Conversions

A good website will keep people coming back for more. A highly responsive site makes customers want to share it with others, and even follow you on social media. A great design can turn visitors into customers.

Reflects on Your Branding

A mediocre web page will make people think your business is average, but a good website sends a loud and clear message about your branding. Be sure to put some serious thought into the design, as it will directly relate to the perception that customers will have about your business.

Great Websites That Get You Noticed

At Impressions Agency, we know you value the importance of a good website and so do we. We love to create websites that reflect the identity of our clients, which is why we are here to support you with your web design needs. Take the first step towards a fabulous website and get a free quote today!

How Much Do You Know About Social Listening?

More than just your average online customer service, social listening is about obtaining crucial information out of your social conversations to improve your strategy.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening can be a complicated concept to grasp, which makes it even harder to apply in benefit of your business. This is, in fact, like a cross between an art and a science. Social listening is about focusing on specific words, phrases or even brands and tracking the conversations around them.

Social listening is not the same as social monitoring. Following your mentions and watching comments flood your notifications tray is not all. There’s a broader audience out there talking about you, about your business or brand and you should be aware of it.

Monitoring sees trees; listening sees the forest.

—Dan Neely, CEO of Networked Insights

Source: Sprout Social

Benefits of Social ListeningWhen you listen, you not only “hear” but you pay attention, and can process the information you’re getting to make decisions. It’s the same way with social listening.

The process of social listening will allow you to look at the big picture and analyze it to make critical strategic decisions. This practice will enable you to do many things, from tracking your brand health to revamping customer experience, and even drive product decisions.

This practice will enable you to do many things, from tracking your brand health to revamping customer experience, and even drive product decisions.

How Does Social Listening Benefits My Business?

The thing about tracking conversations around you and analyzing their context is that it gives you intel you would not have access to otherwise. And this information is extremely valuable, as it allows you to communicate with your audience and respond to their needs more efficiently.

Set Up a Solid Social Media Strategy Today

Providing value is the number one reason for businesses to use social media. A strong social media presence will enable you to engage with customers in a more personal yet relaxed kind of way. With a solid social media strategy, your customers can turn into your promoters. Want to know how to make this happen? Let’s talk.

The Benefits of Accessible Web Design

Turning to web accessibility can seem like a lot of work, but besides being a law, you should abide by, applying it can be of great benefit for your business.

Put Your Best Foot Forward with Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is becoming more and more relevant. Sure, it’s a law that must be followed but, believe it or not, there’s still a debate on whether the benefits are actually worth it or not.

Accessibility, in all aspects of life, is not something we should consider. It is a right of those who deal with some type of special ability and a responsibility to the rest of the world.

Don’t just look at it as something you are obligated to do. You should know that, in fact, turning to web accessibility is good business, and here’s why:

Put Your Best Foot Forward with Web AccessibilityEnhances the Experience for Everyone

By investing in accessible web design you’re not only making a difference for your users with special needs, but you’re also allowing all of your audience to enjoy a better website experience. By following accessibility best practices, your content will have better semantics and be easier to work with.

Improves Your SEO Scores

Search engines don’t have eyes. They heavily consider your usability to rank you. The more inclusive your site is, the more likely it will be to have better SEO scores.

Has a Positive Impact on Your Reputation

Accessible websites speak well of their owners. Just the fact that your business considered becoming available to all gives you great PR points by showing you are socially responsible. Plus, it makes your business stand out from the competition.

Helps You Reach a Wider Audience

Think about this. If your site is accessible to more people, it means it will reach more of them, which means you are likely to attract more customers and bring in more business. Did you know that in the U.S., 15 to 20% of the population has some sort of disability? This includes those who are dyslexic, color blind, and elderly, among others.  When you lack web accessibility, you’re excluding a pretty large market segment that could be the key to your business success.

Drive Your Business with Great Web Design

Impressions Agency understands how fast-paced the technology world is and is prepared to provide you with amazing web design that will turn your site into a sales funnel. If you’re looking for a responsive, dynamic, and socially connected website, you came to the right place. Let’s talk about your next project today!

How to Carry Out Your Rebranding in the Digital Space

If you see the process of rebranding in your company’s near future, consider that not only your physical assets need to be taken care of, your online presence needs to be aligned with your rebranding strategy as well.

Leading a Successful Rebranding

There are many reasons to consider embarking on a rebranding journey, but whatever yours might be to think of giving your business a new face, there are a series of steps that need to be followed for it to be successful. After all, the last thing you want to forget about is your online identity.

Digital Assets Go First

Updating your digital assetsTo stay relevant and keep your customers aware of what’s going on, it is extremely important to update your digital assets.

  • If your business name changes, your domain name should along with it.
  • Your website will also need to be updated. In fact, if you’re going through a drastic image change, you might want to consider designing an entirely new site that looks nothing like the old one. This applies to your blog also, if you have one. You’ll definitely need to create fresh content if you want it to remain relevant.
  • Don’t neglect your social media accounts. Your followers deserve to be up to date with your company’s changes. Go ahead and give your accounts a new name and look to match your rebranding efforts, or retire them and open new ones and let your followers know how to find you.
  • Update the logos, signatures, and URLs that you use for email marketing.

Work on Your SEO

Another essential step of the online rebranding process is to have your SEO efforts support that process. It’s a good idea to have your customers be redirected via 301 redirects to your new website rather than your old one, especially if it’s no longer in service. Doing some keyword mapping or reusing some of your most popular past keywords on your new site can also be a good practice.

Have a Seamless Transition with the Help Of Experts

Rebranding adds a lot to your to-do list, and it can be really overwhelming. Impressions Agency is here to assist you in your digital marketing needs. We are committed to excellence in all things we deliver. If you’re interested in our services, feel free to give us a call.

5 Reasons to Use WordPress to Power Your Website

Building your site on the most extensively used content management system brings significant advantages to your business.

5 Benefits of Building Your Company’s Website on WordPress

WordPress started in 2003 as a blogging platform, and fourteen years later, it is the most popular content management system out there because of it’s ability to build professional-looking websites that attract more business. Of course, the list of benefits doesn’t stop there.

Here are five more benefits of using WordPress you should know about:

Search engines love WordPress Sites1) Great for SEO

WordPress makes search engines happy because the code behind it is very clean and easy to understand. This makes it much simpler for search engines to read the content of your site and index it.

Moreover, it lets the SEO components like the title, description, and keywords to be customized for each page, post, and image, which gives better overall control of your SEO.

2) Optimizes Your Website for All Devices

Responsive Web Design is a must-have these days, and WordPress allows you to create dynamic websites that work on all devices without having to develop them separately.

3) The Perfect Fit for a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

When your business is content driven, it’s only natural that you constantly find the need to share fresh content with your audience. WordPress makes this easy by enabling you to update your site in a very straight-forward manner and removing any workflows with unnecessary steps that might be necessary for other content management tools.

WordPress easily integrates with your social media accounts4) Seamlessly Integrates with Social Networks

Instead of having to login in to each social media account and posting things separately, you can integrate them into your WordPress through a plugin to automate the process and keep everything accessible.

5) Hack-Proofs Your Site

With the help of a strong team of designers and developers you can increase the security of your site using WordPress. Their software is continually being updated, and security is one of the major things they take into account. You’ll be notified of new software versions that will not only provide better protection but will, most likely, bring better functionality, too.

At Impressions Agency, we use WordPress to build our sites. We certainly want to take advantage of the amazing benefits we just listed and want to share them with you. Send us a message or give us a call and let’s team up to create a solid website for your business that will rev up your sales.

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

When you’re out in the virtual world trying to give your website’s ranking a boost, there are some techniques you can use. The difference between white hat and black hat SEO falls somewhere along those lines.

Where the Difference Lies: White Hat & Black Hat SEO

There are different SEO techniques or approaches you can resort to when wanting to improve your site’s ranking. These have been classified into two categories. One is ethical and the other one not so much. One will get you long-lasting results but that might take some time, and the other one is the fast track, but it will, quite possibly, get your site banned sooner than later.

Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques

White Hat SEO

The human audience is the primary focus of white hat SEO. Readers are considered the ultimate consumers of your content and, therefore, content should be optimized to make their experience better.

Search engines still matter, but they take the back seat to real life readers. This is a long-term strategy, as the results build up over time but you’ll definitely see a tangible return on investment for doing things the right way. Creating quality content, proper use of keywords, back-linking, keyword analysis, and internal linking are some of the strategies used in white hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO

It is the unethical method to SEO. Why? Because it uses certain “aggressive” approaches that search engines don’t really approve of. Blackhat SEO doesn’t care much about the readers. It is much more interested in search engines and the techniques that can be used to get the quickest return on their website, even if it’s not a sustainable solution.

Things like blog spam, link farming, hidden text and keyword stuffing are what black hat SEO is all about. Using these techniques can result in search engines banning your site and, possibly, de-indexing it. Doesn’t sound fun, does it?

Grey Hat SEO
Grey Hat SEO: The “In-Between”

This one is a little riskier than white hat SEO but not as much as black hat SEO. It consists of things like purchasing followers on social media, buying old and expired domains with high rankings and then swapping out their links for links to your content, among other things. Grey hat SEO still cares about user experience, but there’s also some risk involved.

How to Get the Best SEO Results

The approach you use is ultimately up to you but beware of the benefits and consequences of all before choosing. At Impressions Agency, we keep the most ethical guidelines to SEO at heart to get you good, long-lasting results the right way, so that your brand’s integrity is never questioned. Let’s work together!