How Important Is It to Reply to Negative Online Reviews?

The Importance of Replying to Negative Reviews

Online interaction between companies and their customers, a lot of times, falls short. With all the current technology, customers’ expectations are high, so much so, that responding to their inquiries and comments, beyond being a responsibility to your customers or another item to check off your to-do list, should be seen as a way to keep your reputation intact and your business afloat.

Ignoring Bad Online Reviews Could Harm Your Small Business

How Important Is It to Reply to Negative Online Reviews?Did you know that close to 52% of customers who leave a negative online review for a business, expect to receive a response within seven days? According to ReviewTrackers, this is what they concluded when they conducted a survey on this topic, with a sample of 152 people.

Businesses are looking to attract more customers, and more importantly, retain the ones that they’ve so carefully managed to engage with. So, if companies are always looking for ways to innovate and surpass their customer’s expectations with new products and services, why wouldn’t they want to do the same when it comes to customer support?

Customer support has taken different shapes ever since we started using the internet as a standard way for businesses and customers to communicate. Now businesses can provide customer support via email, their website, social media, and by responding to online reviews.

Take Advantage of Customer Feedback to Grow Your Business

Take Advantage of Customer Feedback to Grow Your BusinessSo, we know customers are expecting a response, especially when it comes to their negative reviews, but it doesn’t stop there. When customers expect a response, they want it within 60 minutes, according to another survey conducted by Convince & Convert. This means that the longer it takes you to respond, the more anxious customers will get and the more likely to be upset when they realize that, not only is the response taking a while, it might not even come at all.

This approach, or lack thereof, can cost you valuable customers because, think about it, if a customer is taking the time to leave a review, they are trusting you with their opinions and over 50% of them expect you to value that enough for you to do something about it. A timely, well-thought out and a respectful response, is not just what they deserve as customers, it’s a way to increase customer satisfaction and prevent bad comments from spreading and affecting your reputation. Plus, customer feedback is an incredibly valuable element that helps you improve and grow your business. Isn’t that what every business owner wants?

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Are Google Reviews Really All That Important?

Are Google Reviews Really All That Important?

Opinions are important, especially for small business. Customer reviews drive growth. Not only are reviews important for businesses to learn from or to know what they’re doing right, they’re also great for customers who want to voice their opinions. This might be the reason why there are so many review sites these days. However, Google reviews might be more important to your business than the rest.

Google Reviews Could Impact Your SEO

Google Reviews Could Impact Your SEO
Responding to Google reviews could improve your SEO

Replying to customer reviews is good for your business, not just from a customer service point of view, but because even your SEO could be impacted. With so many review sites out there, it can be hard to keep track of everything customers are saying about you. However, it is critical to pay to attention to these reviews, as they can have a big impact on your reputation. There are studies that show that close to 90% of consumers consider online reviews as highly relevant when making a decision as to whether to purchase products or services from a certain business. Even the lack of reviews speaks louder than bad reviews, in some cases.

Beyond that, bad Google reviews could affect your ability to be found in search engine results. This is why Google reviews are quite possibly the most important of all. In fact, Google encourages people to respond to their business reviews as a way to improve SEO. This is because taking the time to respond implies that the business values their customers and their opinions and you know that Google is all about satisfying their users.

The Local Search Ranking Factors Survey for 2017 shows an increase in the importance of review signals for SEO. This increase is the most notable change in the survey, especially when compared to the results of 2015.

The Local Search Ranking Factors Survey is the most influential and thought moving survey in the local SEO industry. Conducted annually, it attempts to determine and score the most influential factors for how Google establishes its local rankings.

Source: Chatmeter

The thing is, reviews are used not only by customers but by Google also, to determine if a business is popular, trustworthy and demonstrates high-quality. Think about it. When you look for a local business online, the next thing you do is check out their reviews and this directly impacts your decision of doing business with them, right? Well, Google knows this, which is possibly why the review signals ranked so much higher in 2017, as they want to make sure the recommendations they provide are of value to their users.


Neglecting Google Reviews is Not Good for Your Business

At the end of the day, your customers want to be sure that you care about their opinions, and so does Google. As a business owner, we understand you want nothing more than the benefit of your business, which is why at Impressions Agency, we encourage you to respond to your Google reviews, whether they’re positive or negative. After all your efforts to attract customers, doing this could help you retain them.

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4 Social Media Tips to Improve SEO

4 Social Media Tips to Improve SEO

Social media has an impact on SEO and when handled properly, it can be a good ally in increasing your search ranking.

Improve SEO with These Social Media Practices

We’ve seen two social media practices that have a negative impact on SEO. Now that you know what you shouldn’t do, here are 4 social media practices you could implement which can boost SEO:

Create Opportunities by Optimizing Posts

There is room for social media posts to show up in SERPs, but for that you’ll need to optimize your posts. Optimized posts are usually made of two things: a link and descriptive text. The first one can be a link to an article, video, or an infographic, for example, then the text will be something related to what you’re sharing containing keywords that describe what searches you want to become a result for. Adding seasonal keywords is also a good way to fight for a good spot in search results.

Encourage Other Sites to Link to Your Content

External inbound links are of great benefit to your SEO. As you gain more and more external links, your brand authority will improve, as a far as Google is concerned, because those links imply others are trusting of your brand which builds a good reputation. The first step for this to be possible is to generate content that is high-quality and appeals to people, otherwise, encouraging external inbound links will be quite complicated.

Promote Social Sharing for Better Brand AuthorityPromote Social Sharing for Better Brand Authority

This practice is related to the external linking one we already discussed. The trick here is that social sharing, like external link building, improves brand authority, as it implies that others are validating your brand, which Google considers extremely valuable. There are various approaches you can use to promote social sharing, like offering rewards for shares or implementing posts that encourage interactions. More shares can bring in more followers, and more followers can increase your shares. See where we’re going with this?

Optimize Posts for Local Searches

You can become more visible in local searches by becoming more active in your community. For example, take part in local fairs, trade shows, and other events. Make sure you take plenty of photos, share them via social media and then encourage your local followers to comment, like or share. You can also interact with other local business on social media by tagging them in posts. Doing this will allow search engines to pick up on your local authority signals, giving an opportunity to show up in local SERPs.


As you gain more understanding on how social media impacts SEO, you will become better at managing your efforts to drive SEO improvement. Getting professional help to achieve this is the more efficient approach. Impressions Agency can help you design an integrated strategy that will generate a positive impact across your digital marketing efforts.

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Is Pinterest Worth Trying for Small Businesses?

Social media marketing tends to be dominated by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And while Pinterest is a wonderful content sharing platform, small businesses don’t often see the value in sharing their content there. Find out if your marketing strategy could benefit from joining Pinterest(you might also want to check our Pinterest 101 post) .

Find Out If Pinterest is Right for Your Business

A strong social media strategy can bring a lot of benefits to your business. Having tons of followers is something any business could benefit from, especially since it gives you so much exposure that you can’t get otherwise. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most common platforms but have you ever considered Pinterest for your small business?

Check Your Traffic Referral

The first thing you can do to find out if Pinterest is worth trying for your business is to check Google Analytics and see if you’re getting any traffic from their site. If this were the case, you have the first reason why you should give Pinterest a shot, as customers are using this as a platform to enjoy viewing your content.

Determine If You Have Pinterest Worthy Content

Pinterest is all about the looks. The Pinterest world is beautiful, so if you’re going to contribute to it, you should ideally follow the same line. Creative videos, high-quality pictures or banners, or any other type of visual content that is aesthetically appealing is great material to share on Pinterest. If you have it handy, why let it go to waste? Use it to catch people’s attention.

Self-Assess Your Interest In Pinterest

Regardless of whether you find out that you’re getting tons of traffic from Pinterest or not, enjoying the platform, and you feel like sharing your content, then this would be beneficial to your business. If you have the time to invest in it, by all means, give it a try. It certainly won’t hurt.

Reasons to Consider Using Pinterest

Regardless of what type of business you might own, Pinterest could be a great marketing option for you. Here are some reasons why:

  • Generates traffic to your blog
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Can generate new leads
  • Helps increase sales
  • Boosts user engagement
  • Allows you to learn more about your audience

You will always see benefits of being social. Including Pinterest in your social media marketing strategy could give your business the added exposure you’ve been wanting. Successful social media management requires time and effort, which is not easy when you have your hands full with so many other responsibilities. Why not leave it in the hands of experts? At Impressions Agency, we know that your business needs to stay relevant in social media. Contact us today for more information.

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These Social Media Mistakes Could Be Hurting Your SEO

These Social Media Mistakes Could Be Hurting Your SEO

2 Social Media Practices That Take a Toll on SEO

“Is that even possible?”—one might ask. A lot of people don’t think that SEO and social media are related at all. And while social media might not have a direct impact on SEO, it certainly is inherent. Why? Well, the more you share your content, the more exposure it gets and the higher the chance of getting backlinks, which is an important element when it comes to search engine rankings.

Just like social media could have a positive impact on SEO if handled properly, making certain mistakes could go the opposite direction. Is your social media strategy hurting your SEO? Here are two social media mistakes that could be damaging your SEO:

Creating a Positive Impact on SEO Through Social MediaYour Social Media Profiles Are Not Optimized

Branding and properly optimizing your social media profiles can help you show up more than once in SERPs related to your keywords. You could even show up at the very top of the page. This gives you more exposure and allows you to get more clicks and generate more traffic. However, it is very common for people to skip this very necessary step. Make sure you have an appropriate profile picture, and include your name and keywords that are relevant to your business along with your website. This will help your website show up in Google’s results.

Your Content Is Not Optimized

You might be writing blog content every week and then sharing it on every social network you’re on but that is not going to get you the results you want. Your content needs to be relevant because quality content always generates more traffic which drives engagement. Good content is more likely to be shared and tells Google your content is worth sharing


Keeping up with the latest and best practices is easy when you have someone to help you care for your social media presence. Impressions Agency is a digital marketing company that aims to provide conversion for our clients along with the best customer service in the business. To learn more about our services and how we can help your company succeed, contact us today.

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Are SEO and Social Media Related?

If you’ve ever wondered whether social media has an impact on SEO, the answer is yes, and there are various ways how.

How Social Media Impacts SEO

Although social is not a direct ranking factor, as confirmed by Google on various occasions, social media does have an impact on rankings and can help your business become more visible on search engine results pages. Here are 3 ways in which social media impacts SEO:

How Social Media Impacts SEOSharing Content Drives Traffic to Your Website

People like quality content. The more you share links to your own content, the more exposure your content will get and the more chances there will be for people to share it or link to it. This motivates people to visit your website which drives more traffic and helps increase organic search ranking.

Increases Brand Awareness

Did you know that Facebook has over 2 billion users and Twitter more than 330 million? That’s a lot of people. Social media gives you the opportunity to build an online presence and keep your brand top of mind while building an audience. This is very valuable to your business, as it increases the chances that people will click on your content when it’s displayed in the search results.

Social Media Profiles Rank In SERPs

Social media profiles tend to show up in the search results when you type in the name of a business. If your website is ranked high in the SERPs and your social media profile also shows up, you’d be taking some very valuable spots in the search results. Visibility-wise, this gives you an edge over the competition.


It’s not just one or the other. Both social media and SEO are marketing tactics that are highly relevant and should be part of your online marketing strategy if you want to keep moving your business in the right direction. Juggling both can be tricky. Luckily, Impressions Agency is here to help you with that. Want to implement digital marketing strategies that can make your business grow? Contact us today.

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3 WordPress-Friendly Email Marketing Platforms

Guttenberg: The New Editor Experience for Wordpress

Email marketing campaigns can be done without spending too much. WordPress and the right plugin can make it happen.

Get Your Email Marketing Campaign Up and Running in WordPress

Online marketing can help you take your business to the next level. A good website, a strong social media presence and good content and SEO can take you there, but email marketing can be a great addition to your marketing arsenal and your sales funnel.

Email marketing is not just for large companies. Small businesses can also enjoy the benefits of a good email marketing campaign. To get set up, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune. With WordPress and one of these great plugins, you can implement your own email marketing campaign for less.

Get Your Email Marketing Campaign Up and Running in WordPressMailChimp

MailChimp‘s powerful features make it one of the most popular email marketing solutions available. Millions of people use it and it’s price range makes it even more appealing. With their WordPress plugin, you can connect your MailChimp account to you WordPress site and have access to great sign-up forms that are user friendly and customizable, which can help you build your email list and reach out to a larger audience.


With SendingBlue , you can design beautiful campaigns that are results-driven. It is easy to use and helps you improve your sales performance. SendingBlue’s WordPress plugin gives you access to great functionality like creating subscription forms, managing contact lists, creating newsletters, statistics and more.


To create beautiful and personalized newsletters, MailPoet is a great solution. You can have up to 2.000 subscribers on the free version which is already great news. It’s got some drag and drop features to help you get things done in  no time.

WordPress logoPave the Road to Success with WordPress

Email marketing doesn’t have to be too complicated. If your site is built on WordPress, with the help of these platforms, you can create wonderful email campaigns that will help you develop closer relationships with your potential clients, increase brand awareness and give your sales a boost in the right direction.

Is your site not on WordPress yet? Impressions Agency can help you with that. Want to know more about our content management solutions? Contact us today.

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How Email Marketing Can Be Valuable for Your Business

email marketing

Want to develop relationships with your potential customers? Email marketing might be what you need.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing refers to the use of email to promote products or services, and to build relationships with potential customers that can result in new leads. However, using email to spam your customers with tons of deals is not an ideal approach to email marketing and might not give you the results you expect. Ideally, email marketing should be used to communicate with your customers and customize your messages to generate content that is relevant to them.

Here are some of the advantages of email marketing and how it can be of value to your business:

It is Cost Effective

Since there is no printing or postage fees and no advertising rates, email marketing is a very affordable way to market your business that delivers strong ROI.

It’s a Targeted Marketing Strategy

When you think of other ways of advertising, like print ads, TV, and radio, etc., they all push the same content for everyone. There is no distinction, however, the one-size-fits-all type of advertising is not very effective. Email marketing gives you an opportunity to get to know your customer better so you can tailor your messages to fit their wants and needs, which has a positive impact on your conversion rate.

Email marketing is measurable It’s Easily Measurable

With email marketing, you have access to precise numbers that will help you understand how your campaigns perform. Having access to these results gives you the opportunity to not only get to know your audience better but to make decisions that help you provide value to them and impact your sales.

Increases Brand Awareness

Every email you send is another chance you get to expose your brand to your target audience. A carefully thought out email marketing strategy can help you deliver value while you make sure you stay on the minds of your customers which gives you a better chance to get them through your sales funnel.


Build a robust marketing strategy and don’t rely on just one method. Instead, you can have various strategies working together in your favor. At Impressions Agency, we can help you drive sales with great content, SEO, and social media management. Let’s talk about how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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