Increase Conversions by Repurposing Your Social Media Content

Social Media Content

Repurposing Content: What It Is and How to Do It on Social Media

Every social network has a different soul. They’re all about bringing people —and businesses— closer together but not everyone relates to the same social network. That’s why there’s variety.

When you’re managing more than one social network, it can be tricky to come up with great content for all of them, so you can continue to engage your target audience. Repurposing content for social media is a great solution that can help you minimize the hassle while helping you communicate with the right audience effectively. Some of its benefits include increased traffic and reach, and efficiently generating more content.

But… How Do You Repurpose Your Content for Social Media?

Coming up with different content for social media requires a lot of time, effort, and creativity.  You must also consider other elements like the creative, posting time, tone of voice and other things. You can maximize your efforts by repurposing your content to adapt to each community. Here are some elements you might want to consider.

Repurpose Your Content for Social MediaTypes of Content That Relate to Your Audience

Your Instagram audience is likely to enjoy a different kind of content than your Facebook or Twitter audiences. Some viewers enjoy shorter content with simple and concise information, and some might enjoy videos more or content with lots of photos and hashtags. Study your audience so you can identify what most relates to each niche.

Posting Time

What time is your audience most active on each social network? Taking that into consideration is essential to deliver your message and get the conversation going effectively.

Posting Frequency

Take a closer look at your target audiences activity on social media to identify the best frequency for your posts.


Social media is a gateway to tons of opportunities for your business. You need a plan so you can recognize those opportunities and harvest them. Manage your social media with the help of experts. Impressions Agency helps businesses make the most of their online presence through social media and digital marketing, in general. Get started today!

Recognize and Engage Your Target Audience

4 Tips to Recognize and Engage Your Target Audience

Every business must have a target audience, but engaging prospective customers is not always comfortable. With the help of effective strategies, you can ensure you capture your audience’s attention.

How to Communicate with Your Target Audience?

To solidify your success as a small business owner, you must have your audience on your side. To do this, you find ways to deliver a message that truly speaks to prospective customers, to engage them and eventually, turn them into loyal customers.

Many businesses don’t survive in the market for long, as they fail to grab their audience’s attention, so their conversion rate never quite hits the mark. To outlive those businesses, you’ll need an action plan to engage with your audience and increase your conversions effectively.

Dig into the Weak Side of Your Competition

When you study your competition, you most likely look at what they’re doing; however, the critical question is: What aren’t they doing? As you consider the preferred customer engagement methods of your competition, focus on their gaps and turn those into opportunities for your business.

How to Communicate with Your Target AudienceHarvest the Power of Social Media

As times evolve, we know one thing for sure. Communication today is mostly digital. You’ve probably had this conversation with your friends at some point. People no longer talk on the phone, they resort to instant messaging, social media, and whatever other types of online/virtual communication there might be.

The same thing happens in the marketing world. Your audience is online, which means you should be there too. If you’re not yet using social media to interact with your audience, this is the time to start.

Track the Results of Your Marketing Efforts

Not every strategy will give you the results you expect. Because of that, is it essential that you keep an eye on your marketing efforts and keep up with the results? Don’t be scared to pull the plug on an idea and change directions. Making adjustments and trying new things is what’s eventually going to show what works and what doesn’t.


Identifying the right customer base and then keep them engaged is one of the essential elements of keeping your business afloat and driving to success. Impressions Agency can be your ally in this journey. Our team of experts is ready to help you take your business to the next level. Get started today.


3 Ways to Restore Your Online Reputation

3 Ways to Restore Your Online Reputation

How to Bounce Back from an Attack to Your Online Reputation?

Everyone has a right to their opinion and everyone has a right to express it, which can be a double-edged sword. As a business owner, you know that you are always exposed to getting good feedback and not-so-great feedback, too. The thing is that it is not just word-of-mouth at this point. Thanks to the internet, peoples thoughts about your business are now available to everyone else who wants to know about them.

Now, not all harmful content is acceptable. Some of it is illegal, mainly when it contains slanderous allegations, and is just meant to harm your company’s reputation. Under these circumstances, it is good to know how to react. Here are three ways in which you can fight back:

How to Bounce Back from an Attack to Your Online ReputationWork on Strong SEO

If people take their negative comments about your brand to high ranking review websites, those results are likely to be at the top of the search results when someone googles your name. The best approach is to counteract that with good SEO. In this case, you have to be at the top of your search engine game. How? You have to design an SEO strategy that will boost the ranking of positive content that relates to your brand.

Remove Harmful Reviews

It’s not that you’re going to take down all negative reviews. Some of them —hopefully, most of them— are meant to help you grow. Constructive criticism should always be welcome, but destructive criticism should be managed. If you come across comments that are false and are obviously meant to hurt your brand, a quick reaction along with legal help will allow you to get rid of them before they spread and do more harm.

Investigate Further

Some reputation management cases are not as easy. When your brand is vigorously being attacked, it might be time to consider bringing an expert in. Hiring a cyber investigator to get to the bottom of it could be your ticket to get out of that situation.


Your online reputation is critical. Managing it correctly will keep your business relevant. Impressions Agency can help you always put your best foot forward. Contact us for more information.

Your SEO Could Succeed or Fail Thanks to Your Web Design

Your SEO Could Succeed or Fail Thanks to Your Web Design

The Impact of Web Design on SEO

SEO is affected by a broad spectrum of factors, including domain names, title tags, site speed and more. People always wonder if web design is one of those factors, and the truth is, it is. Bad web design negatively impacts your SEO, and that’s that. But, how does that work, exactly?

Remember that all Google cares about is customer experience. So, let’s say someone takes their question about a product, service or any term related to your business to a search engine, and your website comes up. Up until that point, you’re doing great. But what happens if that potential customer decides to visit your website and finds it too unappealing, complicated or not useful enough? They will most likely click back to the search results page and find some other website. What do you think search engines get out of this action? That the user is not satisfied with the result, and that is likely to affect your ranking.

Some of the web design mistakes you want to stay away from because they’re pain points for your audience, are things like pop-ups that are triggered as soon as they arrive at your site, illegible text, loud sounds —particularly when music is on a loop and plays automatically— and files that are too heavy that slow down your site.

Besides making sure you steer clear of those web design faux pas, there are three things that are good for SEO that you should know about.

The Impact of Web Design on SEOGreat Site Layout

You can keep users from bouncing off your site by having a clean layout. Keep your most valuable content at the top of your pages. This decreases the amount of time people spend looking for answers on your site. Make sure you leave some “breathing room” around your images and text. Crowded content makes people run in the opposite direction and give users functional navigation.

Quality Content

Amazing content is what’s going to make you stand out and keep people interested in coming back and it’s great for engagement. Good content is a wonderful way to get backlinks. When other sites find your content is interesting and valuable to their users also, they will link back to it. Good content examples include infographics, professional photography, original videos, statistics and more.

Responsive Design

In this era, if your site is not responsive, it’s almost the same as if it did not exist. You want your website to look good on all devices, so that no matter where or when people want to check out your site, they’ll be able to pull it up from their laptop, smartphone, or tablet and any time, and their user experience will not be affected.


Want to know more about how to get your SEO to the next level? Contact Impressions Agency today.