Why Your Current Content Marketing Campaign Might be Failing

This Is Why Your Current Content Marketing Campaign Might be Failing

Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Campaign Might Struggle

Marketing is all about generating opportunities to turn prospects into customers. Content marketing allows you to get in closer contact with those prospects, putting relevant content in front of them. Developing an effective content marketing strategy can be tricky, but it is essential, to get the results you are after.

There are various reasons why your current content marketing campaign might not be performing the way you thought it would, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel, it just might need some fine-tuning. Here are four reasons why your content marketing campaign is not as successful as you expected:

Not Addressing Relevant Topics

To engage your audience it’s imperative that you address topics that are relevant to them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to capture their attention. Interesting issues that relate to your business and audience, and that also addresses their needs, will keep them coming back for more.

Excessively Self-Promoting Your Brand

Not too long ago, marketers believed that self-promotion helped bring in more leads. Now, we know that is not an accurate statement. In fact, this practice can annoy your audience and put your content marketing campaign at risk. Instead, content marketing should be used to create stronger relationships with your customers, and generate good impressions of your brand. Good content will do the talking for you.

Content Marketing Campaign Forgetting About the Importance of SEO

Neglecting the power of SEO is a mistake. Your audience finds you using to keywords or key phrases in search engines, which means optimizing your content for search engines is essential. Doing keyword research, writing better titles, being smart in your use of internal links and backlinks, it all helps you get that much closer to your audience.

Not Measuring Your Results

How can you tell if you’re going the right direction if you don’t keep track of the journey from the start? Every campaign will render specific results which must be measured to determine whether the campaign was successful or not. Measuring your results will also help you identify if you’re making mistakes that aren’t on your radar, and gives you a much clearer idea of what needs to be improved.


A good idea is nothing without good execution. Maybe your last content marketing campaign didn’t work, but Impressions Agency can help you get much better results on the next one. We’ll help you produce enticing content for the right platforms at the right time, so you can keep your audience engaged. Let’s make things happen. Contact us today!

Instagram Strategy: A Must-Have for Your Business Promotion

From a retro filters app to the most influential social app

A picture is worth a thousand… we all know that. Herein begins the successful story of this prominent platform.

The rise and expansion of this social media app have been quite remarkable. Initially launched as an app for sharing photos with artistic and retro filters favorite among young hipsters (remember the old logo?), it has transformed into a powerful marketing tool and an influencer’s haven – with flocks of followers growing every day.

Nowadays you will rarely see any posts with retro filters, or over-filtered. Crisp images depicting details, impressions, and breathtaking photos are dominant on many of the posts and have replaced the vintage filters in most part. Another subtle change regarding the practice of posting of photos – one doesn’t necessarily post pictures taken by their smartphone. But, this goes mostly for personal accounts.

Being currently the most popular social media app that is growing even faster than Facebook, this app is indispensable for any scale of businesses, be it micro or large-scale enterprises. Its usage has doubled from June 2016 to 2018, and in 2018 it reached 1 billion active users per month already.

More than just an imageThe Benefits of SMS Marketing for Any Size Business

Instagram is very easy and simple to work with, at the same time providing many useful tools for business promotion and engaging followers. Perhaps therein lies its growing popularity?

Another factor that contributes to its buzz is the demographics of Instagram. Namely, most of Instagram’s population is relatively young and tech-savvy – more than 60% of the American population aged 18-29 have an IG account, and about 40% of the population aged 30-49 also use this network. Of those aged 50-64, about 21% have an account on Instagram.

In order to take advantage of all the tools it offers, you will need a business profile instead of a personal one.

Although one will lose the right to make the posts private and to link multiple Facebook profiles, the benefits of switching to a business profile enormously outreach those not-much-useful options for a business.  A business profile will access Instagram Insights and the ability to make sponsored posts. These Instagram insights provide useful data for businesses such as, which content posted works well and which doesn’t. Apart from how their posts perform, they also give insights to their followers, where they are from, age group, gender, changing the number of followers, and the time they are most active. As a business profile, one will have the ability to advertise through sponsored posts (even multi-posts) and promoted stories.

Creating Relevant and Targeted Content

According to statistics, 60% of the users discover new products or services directly through Instagram, and 30% of Instagram users buy a product they’ve found there. That is very encouraging for all the businesses and brands that plan to bring new products on the market. 

Posts on Profile

As with any marketing tool, strategy and the quality of the posts are crucial for a successful promotion. Depending on your business type, goals, and target audience brainstorm your Insta-strategy and strive to create a strong impression and identity. Posts and photos need to look professional nevertheless. Users are much easily drawn to a beautiful or intriguing bold photo than to an average image that does not have that professional appeal.

Although your brand is a story, and it may even be a personal one, see this platform as a window display of the best you have to offer and attract customer’s interest.

Nowadays, this may be a challenge because there are so many beautiful images posted and users are scrolling through them fast. So the question remains – how to present your story? Interesting enough, successful brands do not focus on directly presenting their products on their own, but they capture the lifestyle associated with your products and services. Not treating Instagram like a direct sales market place, but more as a lifestyle guide for your followers (thus presenting your brand culture) is a smart strategy that works for most brands.

Stories and Highlights

Instagram has implemented the idea of stories quite successfully. In the beginning, as any new change on a social media app, users were hesitant about their use and effect, but it turned out to be more than just a 24-hour fad feature.

Create polls, engage fans with teaser announcements, share “behind the scenes” moments, get personal with people… Stories offer so many options to discover your fans’ reactions (people love to express their views and opinions quickly and easily) and get to know more about them than the regular posts. And, in case you want to keep the stories for a longer time, like seasonal campaigns or to simply highlight products or events, add them to “Highlights“ and label them accordingly.

Once they’ve reached 10,000 followers, business users can add links to their stories and increase traffic flow to their sites.

Sponsored and Promoted posts

Instagram gives you the possibility to advertise business directly via sponsored and promoted posts on its platform. Promoted posts are very simple, they don’t require a special creation, but it is merely a post of your choice (for example, a post about new product, sale, or a post that already has some cool interactions with followers) that you pay for, to a user or users that don’t follow you yet. Of course, you get to choose the targeting criteria, aiming at users with a specific age, location, or interests. Although these posts appear only on Instagram, by adding an action button and URL you can drive traffic to your website or online shop. Sponsored posts are created outside of the app through an ads system, and therefore they can have a cross-platform reach. You can still use links and action buttons on them and target your audience. Both sponsored and promoted posts are an effective advertising tool on this app.


3 Tips to Encourage Customers to Leave Online Reviews??online reviews, One of the latest additions of this app is the standalone app IGTV (Instagram TV), which can also be viewed on the Instagram app. It allows users to upload longer videos with more detailed content to a community of 1 billion users. Although it is not highly-popularized at the moment, it is expected that IGTV will continue to grow and that brands will present more in-depth contents to its followers.

You can also share exclusive news and event live, and interact with followers live with the feature of Live videos.

Interact with Your Followers

Your followers are your potential customers, if not customers already. Taking time to respond to their notifications or shout-outs shows that you genuinely care and appreciate their response. Apps like Regram are a quick way to reshare some posts from your followers that are tagging and praising your products.

Also, it may not hurt to peek sometimes on the profiles of some of your most engaged followers. Get to know the lifestyle they want to show, their interests, and location. Use the Insights tool to learn some stats related to the followers to target your audience better.

Real Followers, Not Purchased

It may be tempting to purchase followers, in the beginning, to get the buzz overnight, but building a solid base of faithful followers pays off better in the long run, especially for new emerging businesses. Followers can sense a fake communication, and that can be more damaging than helpful.

Don’t abuse hashtags, create them to be recognized

A post without a hashtag is less visible than a post with one. Adding at least one hashtag will generate about 12.7% more engagement on a post. Yet, we see how hashtags are thrown without much relevance, and even posts with many hashtags don’t create much buzz. That is because hashtags are easy to add and often end up being too generic and lost in the vast sea of posts.

With millions of new posts adding up each day, it is important to create targeted hashtags that will find their way to potential followers and customers. Think about what you want your business to also with among followers, and take time to create your own hashtag, besides the brand name. It is quite alright to use several of them that will index and describe your product or service, but resist the temptation to add tens of generic tags to a post. 70% of the hashtags on Instagram include at least one branded tag.

Since a few months ago, Instagram offered the option to its users to follow not just brands and people, but also hashtags. That means that your hashtagged post will appear twice to a person’s feed that is following you and the relevant hashtag.

Instagram Insights also tracks hashtags, and having a business account lets you see how yours perform in the Impressions (views) section: which of them create more interest, got most views, as well as how your posts got discovered by users (via hashtags, profile views or home section).

Instagram regularly updates its platform, so now you can also add clickable hashtags in your bio. That is great news, meaning that you can announce new products or campaigns and point to the followers to follow that hashtag. You can depend on your goals, promote your community or a cause by merely adding well-thought unique tags to your bio.

To keep a consistent story message and amp up your business recognition, utilize the unique hashtag in offline media too, such as print media, tv or radio commercial.

Don’t push a product promotion for too long

Let’s say you have a new or updated product, and you plan to promote it via Instagram also. Treat your Instagram account as you would any marketing campaign that you’d pay for – plan your posts about a particular thing and the frequency of the posts and stories. But, be flexible if you need to change something on the way.

If your campaign lasts for too long, with dozens of photos in a shorter period of time, your followers may lose interest in following you after a while. People on IG are eager for new things, new events, and engagements, and repeating something for too long will not always yield some extra results.

Monitor how many likes or comments you get with each post about the same product. When these begin to decline, switch to posting new content. You may, after a while remind your followers and do a post or two about that product again.

Offer Promotions to Drive Sales

Promotions such as insider announcements, special offers, limited-time offers, seasonal additions, vouchers of bonuses, would keep followers’ eye peeled to the profile. About 41% of the Instagram users confirm that they follow or would follow a brand that offers some of these perks. Announce these promotions through a post, highlight, story, or even a live video where applicable. Followers (and potential customers) appreciate these announcements as it lets them plan ahead for actions and purchases.

When making a promotion, include a geo-tag to a post, since they generate about 79% more engagement than not including one. Instagram users often search through location and are interested to see new events in their region.

Don’t underestimate the shoutoutsHow Text Message Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

As the word-of-mouth in the offline “real“ world is effective in creating consumers’ opinions, so are the shoutouts in the virtual world. In a shoutout on Instagram, another user is making a post or a story instructing its followers to follow your brand. To this day, this is one of the most effective and sure ways to get more followers and even raise sales, since users are very susceptible to other people’s opinions and recommendations. It takes a bit of networking and willingness if you want a free shoutout. Otherwise, finding and collaborating with a local (or global, depending on your target) influencer is a sure shot. But, keep in mind to interact with followers first, see if they suit the lifestyle of your targeted audience and if they feel comfortable recommending your product Don’t just go straight to those influencers that openly express their willingness to collaborate with brands (in other words, “just pay to post”).

Reach to any audience available

In the end, you shouldn’t consider Instagram only as a B2C or C2C platform. B2B companies also take advantage of this app by creating useful visual content for their audience and increasing their reach.

This so far is the best time to influence consumers through Instagram. Take advantage of the tools described above to market your business very effective, boosting your sales and success.


The End of Google Plus Is Near

The End of Google Plus Is Near

Google+ Will Shut Down in April 2019

Back in the fall, Google announced the end of their social media venture, Google+. They had originally stated that it would shut down in August 2019, however, after a data breach caused by a Google+ API bug, which affected 52.5 million users, they decided to pull the plug earlier, in April 2019. This will only affect the consumer side of Google+, but G Suite users will see the changes.

Google+ Will Shut Down in April 2019As of February 4th, Google started implementing changes around Google+, which will lead to the end of the service within the next 90 days. The first changes prevent new Google Plus pages from being created, users are also no longer able to post anything or add non-Google+ users to their Circles and will not be able to log into other apps or sites using their Google+ account anymore.

By March 7th, users won’t be able to leave comments on blog sites using their Google+ ID, and as of April 2nd, all consumer Google+ accounts will be deleted. So if there’s content you would like to save, such as photos and videos, you should do it before then. This will not affect any media you’ve saved to Google Photos. Those Google+ accounts owned by G Suite users will remain active.

Hootsuite and Google+

Because of the recent announcements, Hootsuite stopped supporting Google+ as of January 28th, and they will remove this social network completely from their platform on February 28, 2019, meaning that no more content will be successfully published to Google+ after that date. This means that if up to January 28th, Impressions Agency was posting or auto broadcasting content to your business’ Google+ account, we are no longer able to. However, your social media services will continue to function normally for all other social networks. If you have questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.

The Power of Personalization in Digital Marketing

The Power of Personalization in Digital Marketing

Why Personalization Matters in Marketing

Back in the day, personalization was when the salesclerks at your favorite store would greet you by your name. Do you remember how that made you feel? It probably made you feel like they cared about you as a customer. It made you feel comfortable and welcomed, didn’t it? As the digital world took over business/customer interaction, some of that got lost. Of course, we gained a lot of efficiency and convenience, but the personal touch was missed.

Every day we are more and more connected over digital mediums, so it’s essential to generate a sense of belonging that brings out a whole new side of marketing. Personalization is not a mystery anymore. Many companies are now applying this practice by collecting relevant data that allows them to connect with each customer more personally. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t quite cut it anymore, so creating a personalized experience is critical. Here are some of the benefits of personalization in digital marketing.

Why Personalization Matters in MarketingImproves Customer Experience

The whole point of marketing is to present customers —or potential customers—with the most relevant information in the most attractive way, promptly. Sculpting the user experience based on their preferences will significantly improve the way your business interacts with your audience and will impact the way your audience feels about your business.

Impacts Revenue Positively

The ROI of personalization can be up to eight times the amount spent on marketing and can boost sales by 10%, according to this article by Harvard Business Review. Implementing this can give your marketing strategy a lift.

Increases Customer Retention

Gaining new customers can be expensive, which is why keeping them is crucial. Personalization can be a great tool to retain customers. You could increase profits by 95% if you managed to improve your customer retention rates by 5%. It is definitely, worth a try.

Analytics can help you gain the data you need to personalize and improve your customer experience. Impressions Agency can be your ally in this process. Want to know more? Contact us today!

Building Customer Loyalty Through Digital Marketing

Building Customer Loyalty Through Digital Marketing

How Can Digital Marketing Help You Improve Customer Retention?

Sometimes, when we think of success we think of more customers and more sales, and sure, when you are starting out attracting more and more customers, it is critical, but that is not all there is. Maintaining those customers and keeping a steady condition over time is what truly makes a difference.

Having loyal customers is essential for your business to stay relevant and to keep your income and profits steadily flowing in. But, how do you make that happen? Digital marketing can play an essential role in increasing customer retention for your business.

Analyze Your Audience

Before you take action, you must understand your audience, and for that, you’ll need some data. If you’ve already been using digital marketing, you can leverage the information you’ve gathered so far to understand who your audience is more closely. If not, you’ll need to do a little digging to get the information you need.

Defining your customer personas and understanding the way they behave, will come in very handy when establishing retention strategies. Marketing tactics like SEO, social media and email marketing can help you develop customer loyalty.

How Digital Marketing Can Help You Improve Customer RetentionProvide Personalized Content

Customers don’t want to feel like they are another one of the bunch, they want to feel understood and valued. Without personalization, e-commerce can be a little cold. Presenting them with personalized content based on their preferences is a great way to make sure they know you understand them, which in turn helps you build brand loyalty.

High-End Website and Mobile Apps

In today’s world, your business needs to have an online presence. Having a solid website with good web design —has to be responsive— is a must and can positively impact customer retention. You could lose clients just for not having a website, or even worse, for having one that is not user-friendly. You can score extra points if you have a mobile app. It’s all about making things easier for your customer and enhancing their overall experience.

Automate Your Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing can help you define strategies —think email marketing and text messaging— to automatically keep in touch with your customers or leads, at the right times. It’s a great way to make sure you stay top of mind and take advantage of potential sales opportunities.


Making the right impressions at times is essential to building customer loyalty. Impressions Agency can help you establish the best strategies to keep your customers with you for the long haul. Let’s talk and start working together to get your business on the road to success.