Derbyville Half Time Report – December

Halftime Report
We have some great news! This month you had 2,080 people come to your website. 742 people organically found you by search engines.

These are your top search terms that our team helped with:
– derbyville colorado
– derbyville denver
– roller derby skates
– roller derby gifts
The average amount of time people spent on you site was 2 minutes and 17 seconds. That is a long time. Could you imagine having a starring contest for that long. It might start to feel weird but the good news is your customer is starring at you for that long.

Your Social Media Grew too! Your Facebook account has 645 new likes out of 3,704 likes. Remember Social media is not only there to become a direct sales funnel, or to grow a larger following but to help identify your brand to your customers.

Impressions Group is grateful to help you grow your online presence and is looking forward to presenting your next Half Time Report.