Derbyville Half Time Report – January

Site Statistics * Data from Jan. 1st – 31st

This month* you had 2,222 people come
to your website! 859 people organically
found you
by search engines.

Top Search Terms

Your top search terms that our team helped with include:

  • Roller Derby Gear (Last month you had 5 clicks this month
    you had 60 clicks a over a 1,000% growth in clicks for this
  • Atom Wheels
  • Roller Derby Skates
  • Roller Girls (You came up 5 times for this keyword last month,
    this month you came up 400 times. That a nearly 8,000%

The number of unique (counted only once) visitors went up
nearly 17%. Out of all your visitors this month 64% of them
were new visitors.

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