I’ll admit it; I’m a reality TV junkie. I know I’m not supposed to admit it, but it’s true. I’d like to say that I only watch “intelligent” reality TV like The Amazing Race and Top Chef, where it’s not about backstabbing and acting like idiots, but about celebrating and showing actual skill and expertise in a given area – cooking, fashion, physical endurance, etc. – but the truth is, I love all reality TV. From Jersey Shore to The Real Housewives to Project Runway to Survivor and the ever tragic Bachelor franchise. I love them all equally. Even the Kardashians, you ask? Yes, even the Kardashians. So it is both with sadness and excitement that we are nearing the finale of yet another crazy season of Big Brother, season 16.

Big Brother 2014 cast
The cast of Big Brother 16

My Impressions of Big Brother Season 16

This season has pretty much combines two of my favorite TV genres: crime TV dramas mixed with back stabbing reality. This season there’s an undercover narcotics officer in the house, Derrick, and he’s got everyone wrapped around his manipulative little hands. It. Is. Awesome!!!

Derrick BB16 winner
Derrick causally manipulating the house guests while wearing his “move along, nothing to see here” doting hipster dad glasses.

Derrick is the king of misdirection. He casually told people that he was a parks and rec coordinator when asked about his job in the beginning of the season and no one questioned it. The houseguests questioned every other person’s backstory in the house, but Derrick seemed to be trusted by all right from the get go. If there was any suspicions raised, Derrick would simply redirect peoples focus to the fact that he is just a family man just trying to win money to provide a better life for his wife and young daughter. I mean, he literally takes a page from Clark Kent and puts on a pair of hipster glasses as part of his disguise. As soon as he does, the whole house is like “I trust you, and believe everything you say, Cool Dad. Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it”. So while everyone has written Derrick off as the harmless lovable trustworthy hipster/park ranger dad from Rhode Island, he is sitting back quietly watching everyone else run in circles trying to keep up with their own lies, alliances and hidden agendas.

Derrick may keep a relatively low profile inside the house, but in the diary room he spells out every tactic for America and walks us through, step by step, how he is about to convince this person or that person that a certain houseguest needs to be eliminated, all the while keeping “blood off his own hands”. He manipulates with kindness, he deflects blame and suspicion from himself and onto others and most importantly he has everyone thinking he is on their side, working with them as a team.

Big Brother Tv show

Big Brother 16 Finale

So that was the backstory of BB16, and now to the live finale. If Derrick doesn’t win then I’m going to throw something at the TV. This is going to be the longest hour of my life. It feels like Christmas morning, and I’m about to find out if I’ve been naughty or nice. Before the winner is announced, Derrick’s little secret is revealed and the reactions from the house guests are priceless. Some looked utterly shocked with their mouthes agape, others squeeled and some nodded along as if they had known it all along. To be fair, some had speculated briefly, but again, Derrick managed to divert their attention, keeping himself safe in the house. In the end it all paid off and no one could deny the superiour game that Derrick managed to play flawlessly for the entire summer. And the votes are in,  and the winner is: Derrick!!! Congratulation, Derrick, and thank you to all the house guests for letting me be a part of your summer. It’s been a blast as always!

As one reality door closes, another opens. Hello, Amazing Race, good to have you back!

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