transitioning over the years

understanding our why

Our agency was formed – At this time, we had only one thing in mind: to build simple websites for our clients..
Mid 2013
"Google it!" became a verb and became one of the number one ways customers engaged with businesses.

Learning how to beat Google algorithms and gain SEO traction became Impression's number one focus.
Mid 2013
Facebook Thumbs Up?
The Facebook thumb started to trend. Every business began to put the FB thumb on their door, and "follow us on Facebook" became the thing.

Ironically, no one knew if the thumb was helping build their bottom line. If you asked a business owner why they had the thumb on their door, they would say, "I don't know why I have it; I just know I need it."

We, of course, started to help our clients with their social media, Facebook, first!
Mid 2014
Content Creation
As we started to help businesses with their social media, we learned that they needed excellent content strategies.

We began to refine our blog content strategy and combine it with our social strategies.

Recognizing that it did not only help with their SEO and social media – it also helped enhance their company brand.

Content started to become KING!
Mid 2014
Local SEO
The days of traditional SEO did not fade but almost became divided between traditional SEO and local SEO.

Now Google built Google Plus to compete with Facebook and failed miserably but what did evolve from that was the map pack—walking right into a new way to search.

The majority of Impression's clients were local businesses. We put energy into developing technology to help with local SEO, and local SEO became a high priority.
Mid 2015
Transforming into Mobile Company
Yikes, this was a big day for our company—the transition between enjoying being in an office and being 100% mobile.

Elements of our team had always been mobile, but making the complete transition was one of the best decisions that we made; not easy but 100% worth it.
Mid 2015
Paid averting
We jumped into paid advertising late. Organic was always our primary focus. As we saw growth from our clients and their marketing budgets began to grow, we leveraged organic growth to build out paid strategies alongside them.
The One thing: Phone Calls
We started to see clients' interest in SEO, social media and paid advertising fade. The only thing that began to matter was the phone call. Can we produce phone calls? If so, how many?

Impressions partnered with other technologies to help identify both phone call growth and acquisition rates behind each call.

This became a tremendous value to our client because not only could we show lead volume growth, but we also could show precisely where and how to hit their bullseye.
WOW! What can we say? The world came to a screeching halt. We felt the impact like many other businesses and lost 40% of our clients due to clients playing defense and pulling back budgets and others sadly closing their doors.

When this happened, we audited each client, revisiting their analytics and asking ourselves if all of our clients pulled 70% of their budget and we only had 30%, where would we focus?

As COVID forced us to adapt, we overcame it by understanding exactly how to spend our clients' budgets more efficiently.
Mid 2020
Entering Zapp Rabbit
After auditing our clients, we noticed that Google My Bussiness (now Google Business Profile) became the number one driver in delivering highly qualified phone calls for a very affordable price.

After learning this, we decided to build a dedicated branch that catered 100% of its energy to understand what it took to win the Google Business Profile game.

Zapp Rabbit was launched with a team dedicated to uncovering the ways of GBP to produce results.
Mid 2020
GMB Uncovering
With our focus on this new division toward Google Business Profile, we learned a lot.

We started to see these unicorn-like marketing strategies begin to unfold. For example, a client who received 42 qualified phone calls a month a year prior to one year later receiving 950 qualified phone calls! That is 2000% growth! Can you say unicorn?!

To this day, it's hard for even us to believe, but we have nothing to hide, so call us and we will show you.
After realizing the powers of AI and technology, we started to develop proprietary technology and welcomed

We are incredibly honoured and excited to introduce our tech to the public in Q3/Q4 of 2022.

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