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Refer a Friend to Impressions Agency

Refer a friend to us and receive $100 + a content package

Content package options:


Content for your 
new website


90 day trial of our Impressions Super Blogs (one 2,000 word blog post a month based on our Analytics & Marketing Insight made to boost your traffic and create extra funnels on your website).

How does it work? It’s simple.

  • Tell your friend to drop your name when she/he talks to us.

  • Once they sign up for your services, we will email you to confirm we got the referral and credit your account for a $100.

  • With package #1, we’ll wait for your website redesign. With package #2, we’ll get you started within 2 weeks.

  • You will be notified about the content that goes out.

  • We will also post it on social media for you.

The IFs

  • If you would like us to start blogging in a couple of months time, just let us know.

  • If you would like to review the content before it goes out, we can arrange for that.

  • If you want a $100 discount on your next-month’s service package, instead of a wire transfer, just let us know.

  • No IFs from us.

Engaging Authentically With Consumers

Why are we doing this?

  • We appreciate our clients & want to give them some extra love.

  • We believe that the clients we get through word of mouth are our rockstar clients.

  • We want you to be a part of our growth strategy.

Refer a Friend Choose a Package Enjoy the love