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5 Scary Content Marketing Practices that Are Harmful to Your Business

The scariest thing going on this October might be making these content marketing mistakes.

Content Marketing Practices You Should Avoid

When you don’t execute your content marketing strategy correctly, it can really cost you. It’s frightening to know that many businesses have seen the negative impact of following these poor content marketing practices. If you want to see your content marketing strategy succeed, avoid making these mistakes:

1) Being Self Indulgent with Your Content

Not considering your audience when you write is the number one mistake businesses make. It’s a matter of points of view. You might be very excited to let people know about your products or services in a very straightforward way, but this information belongs on your website, not your blog. Customers are interested in content that helps them solve problems or questions they might have, and if you don’t provide that, they’ll find it elsewhere.

Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid2) Posting Content without Format

It’s not just about writing; it’s also about making it appealing for people even to consider reading your content. Would you read a 600-word paragraph with bad grammar and no images? Probably not. So, why would you ask your audience to?

3) Keeping Content to Yourself

Posting articles on your blog is not enough. You have to get it out there, and social media is the best platform for that. If you don’t share your content, it’s possible no one will read it.

4) Never Replying to Customer’s Comments

Comments on your blog are just as important as in social media. Replying is essential customer service. If you ignore them, people will think you don’t value them, and that’s is not the feeling you want to promote. Take time to interact with your audience and show them you care.

Effective Content Marketing
Good content marketing keeps customers coming back

5) Always Sharing the Same Type of Content

If your posts are all the same amount of words, follow the same idea, and have the same images, your content is bound to become annoying to your audience. Try mixing things up a bit. Share a video, approach new topics, resort to different types of content to keep people interested.

Spot-On Content Marketing

Need help with content creation? Impressions Agency is here to help your business get all the benefits that content marketing done right has to offer. Fresh and engaging content that is easy to read will increase traffic to your website and give you more exposure. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you achieve your business goals!