Should I Be Mobilizing My Business?

The quick answer is YES! 100% Yes. Mobilizing your company will bring a ton of benefit to you as the business owner, to your employees and also to the services you offer. 

Mobilizing might be intimidating for traditional business owners, but let me reassure you, it is 100% worth it!

So what are the benefits of mobilizing your business?

I am going to look at this question from three different lenses; The Business Owner, The Customer and the Employee.​

First, let’s look at all of the pros that it will bring to your business.  Mobilizing your company will help grow your bottom line. I would like to share two stories that I believe will give new level of insight of how it will do this:

Story #1

One of our clients, Sun Rise Sanitation (a trash removal company), started to ask a few of their teammates to work out of their home instead of coming into the office. This has helped their company tremendously. I would also like to note that they made this transition before COVID-19. Here are a couple areas that show how working remotely brought benefit to their business:

1. It helped grow their bottom line! Think about it, if you do not have an employee that needs to come into the office, you can cut all office expenses for that employee!

2. We have also learned that you can obtain a high quality teammate for roughly 20% cheaper than the market is paying for that position.  Let me show how you can get a new teammate for 20% cheaper. In SunRise Sanitation’s case, they hired an operation manager, but this operation manager also wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom.  Let’s look at this scenario from her point of view. This young lady has a dilemma that she has to overcome of either being a professional and growing her career, or staying at home to be a mom. We see this with a lot of young women, but the question that we believe they should be asking is how can she do both and why should she have to pick one over the other?

What Sun Rise learned, and what I am hoping you will learn is what it looks like to target a young woman like this to come work for your business. You now can offer her the opportunity to work from home and also care for her children. What this led to for Sun Rise was a high calbar teammate that will work for a more affordable price point. If you offered this young lady a job to come work for you for 15% less than the average market valued salary, but now told her that she did not have to commute and could care for her kids, do you think would say, “No, I would rather ask for more money and commute to work and them back home to my babies”? OF COURSE SHE WOULD TAKE A 15% pay decrease.

“If you desire to learn more please feel free to join our community”.

“Do you feel like to you need more help, jump on a FREE call with one of our teammate”?

Story #2

We have helped another client, Bella Diva Dance, mobilize her product offering. Bella Diva is a dance school in Denver, Colorado and they were one of the first businesses to be shut down when COVID-19 hit. Which meant zero income coming in. So, we had to get creative. She started to ask the question, “If we can not host dance class in our studio anymore, what can be a service that we can give to our client?” So what did Bella Diva do? They started to offer viral dance classes. I am extremely excited about this example because there is an extreme amount of potential that Bella Diva can now receive by increasing their bottom line!!! Let’s look at the formula on growth. Traditionally, Bella Diva could only hold 30 students in a dance class at a time. Now she can have as many students in a class as she wants. She also does not need to pay the overhead costs like she would have for her in person dances class. Meaning that she will not only be able to lower her bills, but increase her revenue. HUGE POTENTIAL!  Last time I checked in with her, she had over a hundred people signing up for her online dance classes. NICE WORK Bella Diva!

The landscape is changing. We are starting to notice that customers are engaging with business differently.

What do your customers what: 
Immediate satisfaction
Simple and Convenient
Great Experience 
Great Service
Engaging Authentically With Consumers

With everything that is happening with COVID-19, clients are wanting/needing these things without leaving their house.

Here’s another quick example about mobilizing service offerings for your customer. We work with a few Hvac companies and one of the main elements about their business is a service call. The problem now is that customers do not want to let the Hvac company into their house to accommodate the service call. So how did the Hvac company overcome this hurdle? They are now offering service calls virtually via Zoom and/or Facetime. So if their client is in need of service, the Hvac company is able to jump on a video call, work through the problem, and no one even steps foot into the clients house. Now yes, I know that this would not work for all service calls, but the Hvac company is providing an easy, convenient solution to their customers that is giving them immediate satisfaction. I hope that you are starting to see the value in mobilizing your company.

The Value of Mobile Employees

I know that we touched on the value for employers and employees in the above text, but let’s jump in and go a little deeper. I would like to talk about this from my company’s perspective. This has been one of the biggest game changers for Impressions.  100% of my team is mobile and our belief in mobilizing our team is to the core of our identity. And wow, it has truly been a game changer for us. We even go to the extreme to tell our teammates that not only do we want them to work out of their house, but we also allow as many vacations in a given year as our employees want. 

We just ask our team to follow three expectations if they are going to travel or go on vacation:

  1. The client must always be happy. If the client is not and it’s because of a teammates work effort, then there will be repercussions for that teammate.
  2. Get your work done and make sure to hit all deadlines.  
  3. Communication always need to be 100%

I know that this might sound crazy to a lot of business owners, but it has built a culture within my company that I believe is untouchable.  

The main thing this has added to our culture is a tremendous amount of loyalty and work ethic. We try to teach work/life balance. We want our employees to have both life experiences, while crushing it at work. My team is extremely efficient with a very high caliber work ethic. They might be working hard as they are traveling the world (tasting the food in China or experiencing the culture of Africa- AKA my teammate went to Africa and came home with three adopted babies, which I endorse and think is amazing), but what we have done with mobilizing our employees has created a culture that our teammates enjoy going to work, working hard, producing results, while also caring for each other and family. 

Let’s walk into another amazing value that you will be able to receive with having your team work remotely. We have been able to recruit talent from anywhere on the globe. Most businesses/our competitors try to hire in their GEOgraphic market. Looking outside this market  has given us a huge edge on our competition. We feel like we are able to recruit more talented teammates for a better price point from anywhere in the world. We consider this a Win, Win, Win!