14 Interesting  Facts About The Centennial State

Colorado is known as the Centennial State and here are some interesting facts you should know about our state and what makes it different and unique.

1. The state of Colorado has 75% of the land rising over 10,000 feet located in United States.

2. The State Flower of Colorado is the Columbine.

3. Colorado has the highest paved road in North America which climbs up to 14,258 feet above sea level.

4. The only state in history to turn down the Olympics is Colorado in 1976.

5. The longest continuous street in America is Colfax Avenue located in Denver.

6. After being inspired by the Pikes Peak landscape, Katherine Lee Bates wrote “America the Beautiful” book.

7. Great Sand Dunes National Monument held the the tallest sand dune in America with 750 feet from sea level.

8. Located in Clear Creek & Summit counties is the Dwight Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel, the highest auto tunnel in the world with an elevation of 11,000 feet.

9. The city of Denver claims to be the inventor of the cheeseburger.

10. The first license plate on a car in the United States was issued in Denver in 1908.

11. More than 1/3 of the land in Colorado is owned by United States Federal Government.

12. In July 4th, 1869 was held the first Rodeo in the world in Deer Trail, Colorado.

13. The Royal Gorge near Canon City is the highest suspension bridge in the world with a height of 1,053 feet.

14. Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains (Colorado & Utah), lies the largest untapped oil reserve in the world.

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From all of us, to all of you Merry Christmas!

This is a special day for us and we just wanted to say Merry Christmas.

Wishing you a Merry ChristmasSure we want to say Happy Holidays, but that’s not enough, because today is an important day for us as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Just looking around, seeing families get together and presents be handed out so generously, I’m marveled at a God who delights in His’ children’s joy and celebrations. Maybe that’s why the season brings an opportunity to reflect as well as so many options to show generosity, think about others and show some love in ways we don’t always get to on regular office hours.

We hope you also are spending time with family and loved ones, we are! We hope you take the time to reflect on your many blessings and see who you still can mend some relationships with. Truth is, time flies, and in a blink of an eye, we’ll be wishing you a Merry Christmas again, and again and again… We’ll continue to see the years fly, until one day we can only look back. Will we be satisfied? I hope so! Live so that at the end of your life (whenever that is) you have no regrets.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!

We’ll write for you some more next year. May 2015 come filled with great challenges to make you a better person and a better company, as well as abundant blessings so you may be a blessings to other.

Christmas  and New Year

 A child is born to us, a son is given to us,
    and authority will be on his shoulders.
    He will be named
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.

There will be vast authority and endless peace
    for David’s throne and for his kingdom,
    establishing and sustaining it
    with justice and righteousness
    now and forever.

Isaiah 9:6-7

A Little Light for Everyone! Much Needed As We Start The Holidays

(Cover photo credit MPowerd)

A great first Impression

Looking for topics to blog about, I went to Google for some quick inspiration. Knowing the Holidays are stressful and everyone’s looking for extra inspiration for gifts to please everyone on the list, I thought a little light could come in handy.  And we all need some happy and positive blogging. After typing in “happy news”, Google did not disappoint….

This is how I came upon Luci, my new obsession. We only met online, but one day I will bear witness to her light.

MPowerd Luci Lights
The solar powered Luci light comes in multiple colors. Photo credit: MPowerd

Who and what is Luci?

Luci is a tiny, compact, inflatable, waterproof solar powered lantern, and she is going to change the world. The terrible news is that over 2.4 billion people around the world have little to no access to electricity. This leads to burning of toxic and dirty fuels to get basic heat and light. This is both costly to a group of people who are already poor, as well as the environment. The great news is that the Luci light has the (solar) power to make a big impact on the energy poverty pandemic we are facing today. And, she is going to be an awesome asset to anyone choosing to live and play off the grid.

MPowerd solar power
Photo credit: MPowerd

Where did Luci come from?

In 2012 a group of likeminded, socially conscious individuals set out to change people’s lives by creating and manufacturing clean solar energy products that would literally light up the lives of those living without electricity. Inspired by the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti, MPowerd was born, and out of that came the little light with the big mission: Luci. She is the simple clean affordable answer to a very big problem. And you can fit her into your back pocket. Big things really do come in small packages.

The Luci
Photo credit: MPowerd

Light up someone’s life

So like I said, I haven’t actually physically “met” Luci…yet. But I will. She is perfect for my life in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is by no means an under developed country and I can afford to pay for electricity, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our share of power outages in my little beach town on the pacific coast. And when it goes out there is no telling when it will come back on. One thing that I can always count on, though, is the sun. We have so much sun here that it is almost criminal not to use it, and the micro solar powered Luci is just what I need to brighten up the powerless nights. Because whereas I can afford electricity, I can’t afford to power my whole house with solar. I wish. It’s on the “to do list”, right after winning the Lottery. Luci on the other hand, is an affordable solar powered light energy source for everyone.

Maybe someone on your life should meet Luci too? Just a thought for a creative, good Christmas Gift.

Luci living room
Inflatable solar powered light weight weather proof Luci lights by MPowerd. Photo Credit: MPowerd

My Impressions of Luci

I think it is obvious how I feel about Luci and the people who created her. She’s cute, she’s shiny, she’s fun and she’s inflatable. She fights poverty and saves the planet! She’s like a great big superhero wrapped up in a convenient micro solar powered package. For those of us with electricity this is a great little luxury addition to your home or your next outdoor adventure. But it’s a luxury you can feel great about having. Luci has made a great first Impression on me, and now she is going to help me make an impression on the world: by sharing the light.

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Are You Ready for Black Friday?

I have never been to a Black Friday sale

I’m usually too wiped out from all the turkey I ate the night before on Thanksgiving. But I have seen the videos and heard the stories from friends who brave the craziness that is Black Friday. Here are some statistics about Black Friday to get you prepared, if you are one of the daring that head to the sales the day after Thanksgiving. Good luck.

Black Friday Statistics

One in three adult Americans will go shopping on Black Friday. That’s insane. Seriously, why even bother? I know there are a lot of savings to be had, but we now have something called the INTERNET, and I highly encourage you save yourself the stress and anxiety and do your shopping online, far away from any Walmart or Best Buy or Target or wherever you intended to shop on November 28th. You’ll get most of the same savings and 99% will be shipped for free. Can’t beat that! Unless of course you are one of the 57% who actually find the Black Friday experience “fun”. I call them Black Friday adrenaline junkies. There is no other reason for subjecting yourself to that type of chaos.Holiday shopping crazy

Extra security in almost every Walmart in the US

Of course, due to past Black Friday tragedies, 4,000 Walmart’s stores will be beefing up their security measures in anticipation of Black Friday. That’s really great news, except there are 4,177 Walmart’s in the US, so try to avoid one of the 177 Walmart stores that aren’t adding extra security for Black Friday. Or should I say Gray Thursday, because we are not just talking about Black Friday anymore. Why only have one day of “you won’t believe the savings” sales, when you can have two? Of course, this means that Walmart (and others) are like Thanksgiving grinches, trying to steal the second best day of the year – Christmas being number one. Instead of being thankful and sharing good food and good times with family and loved ones, Walmart and company now want you to spend spend spend. Please, don’t let them ruin Thanksgiving. As someone who has worked many a retail jobs, Thanksgiving and Christmas were the two days you could count on to have off. Or at the very least, have a half day and be home for Thanksgiving dinner. Never did my boss expect me to return at 6pm to deal with rabid sales hounds. So, if you’re reading this, Walmart and others, be thankful for your hardworking employees and let them stay home on Thanksgiving and enjoy a little family time and delicious eats.

shopping ImpressionsMy Impressions of Black Friday Impressions

I get that people want to save money, and I have friends who hit Black Friday sales because its tradition and they enjoy witnessing the frenzy first hand. But Black Friday to me, means blacking out on the couch from all the turkey I ate the night before and will continue to eat all of Friday. I’ll sit peacefully at home with a movie or a book, shaking my head in disbelief at all the people who brave the stores on Black Friday. “Why do they do it?” I’ll say, “Christmas is weeks away, there’s plenty of time to shop, why do it on the same day as everyone else?” And I’ll carry that superiority all the way to December 23rd when it suddenly hits me “D’oh, I still need to buy Christmas presents!” and wouldn’t you know it, I am one of those crazy people who run around frantically the day before Christmas hoping that I can still get the stuff I intended to buy. Meanwhile, my friends are peacefully sitting at home, wrapping presents, drinking eggnog, and watching black and white Christmas movies shaking their heads going “why does she do it, will she ever learn?” Will I ever learn? Probably not. But I’ll take shopping on December 23rd over getting pepper sprayed in a Walmart on Black Friday.

Happy holidays everyone!

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Happy Holidays from Impressions

The National Park Service Might Raise Entrance Fees in 2015

Black bear
Would you pay $5 more to make sure this beautiful black bear can still live in Yellowstone National Park?

The National Park Service is thinking about raising their entrance fees in 2015. This will be the first raise in fees since 1997. In a time where it seems like everyone is raising their prices, it is a breath of fresh air that the National Park Service is actually inviting people to discuss the potential rise of entrance fees, instead of just doing it.

It costs money to keep preserve
our parks and other natural wonders

When you hear that fees are going to be raised, your immediate response will probably be “What!! That’s not cool. I don’t want to pay more”, but let’s take a minute to see what the National Park Service is actually proposing for 2015. Of the 401 parks, mountains, forests, nature preserves, etc. that the National Park Service oversees, only 115 are thinking of raising their entrance fees for individuals and vehicles. Most National Parks do not even charge an entrance fees and won’t begin any time soon. And 15 parks that do charge a fee are also not thinking of raising the costs of a visit.  So we are basically only talking about an handful of national parks that are thinking of a minimal raise in entrance fees. Feel a little better? Let’s look at one of the parks that is thinking of bumping up the cost of admission.

Hiking in the Grand Canyon should be something we can continue to do for generations to come
Hiking in the Grand Canyon should be something we can continue to do for generations to come

The Grand Canyon is thinking about rasing their entrance fees in 2015

The Grand Canyon, as it stands right now, will run you about $25 for a single vehicle to enter for 7 days. The proposed entrance fee for 2015 is (maybe) going to go up to a whopping $30. Per car. For a seven day pass! If you squeeze four friends into our passenger vehicle, that’s less than the cost of a movie per person. And if you haven’t been to the Grand Canyon, I can personally guarantee you that seeing it is more incredible, and will fill you with more emotions and create longer lasting memories than any movie can or will. I don’t care how good that movie is. The same goes for Yellowstone, and Yosemite National Parks who are thinking of similar changes.

Yosemite National Park is one of the few parks that is thinking about raising entrance fees in 2015. Totally worth it!!
NPS.org photo: Yosemite National Park is one of the few parks that is thinking about raising entrance fees in 2015. Totally worth it!!

What is the National Park Service spending the extra money on?

80% of your entrance fees will go directly back into the individual parks. The other 20% is split between all the parks that do not charge an entrance fee. The tiny bit extra they will make can put them on a path to catch up on some much needed improvements and upgrades.

According to an August memo written by Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis, we the people have 60 days to express our opinion on the proposed increase. So, let your voice be heard.

My Impressions on the National Park Service entrance fee increase proposal

Personally I can’t believe they haven’t just raised the prices. I can’t believe they are actually asking for our opinion on the matter. But since they asked, let me tell you; I would gladly pay $5 more to make sure the Grand Canyon doesn’t become one big garbage dump. Think of how much it must cost to maintain all the trails and keep the park safe for the millions of visitors a year. Not to mention the cost of picking up after the millions of visitors have left. I can’t even imagine how much time and money is spent just to clean up all the garbage that each visitor leaves. I know everyone says they clean up after themselves, but we all know that isn’t true, and giving you that scenic, clear and clean view of the grand canyon without a million plastic bottles and chip bags stuck between every rock is worth $30 alone.

For an extra $5, this natural wonder at Yellowstone National Park can be preserved and protected.
For an extra $5, this natural wonder at Yellowstone National Park can be preserved and protected.

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NFL Preseason: The Rise of the Superfans

Rise of the superfans

I’m not really into watching NFL football; I am really into watching people watching football. Not just football, any sports fan for that matter, but since the NFL season draws near this is the sports fan that I get to watch for the next five or six months. NFL super fans really are something special. Having a few of them in my circle of friends I’m going to have plenty of chances to watch seemingly logical, good-natured, kind people turn into primal beasts ready to destroy, or be so overwhelmingly euphoric that two sworn enemies will lock in an embrace that would put two long lost lovers to shame, because nothing beats your team winning. It’s the people watching that I get excited about during football season, not so much the game itself.Denver Broncos

The way I found out that preseason had started was when I ran into a friend at the supermarket.

“Hey, how’s it going?” I asked

“Preseason started” He replied almost before I had finished my question. The unusual amount of hamburger meat, chicken wings and beer in his cart should have tipped me off.

Technically he hadn’t answered my question, but if you know football fans you know that there was no other way for him to answer. He stood a little taller and his eyes sparkled. Something changes in people during football season, especially at the beginning because they all have a chance to win it all. t’s the midseason that can get a little dicey, because that’s when some are already filled with doom, and don’t see a super bowl in their future. But I digress.football season

My high school in California did not have a good football team, so the “football culture” was not a part of my teenage years, and my family is from Denmark, so they were soccer fans. I did go to UCLA, whom I understand have a pretty good football team, and I did go to one Bruins game. I remember going to the game with four of my friends crammed into my ’82 VW Rabbit 82 VW Rabbiton our way to USC, that part I remember. I also remember having a good time, but if I’m being honest I can’t remember who won that game and that is why I am never going to be a true football fan. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be present on game day and support you, you crazy fan, in whatever you are about to go through while watching your team play, win or lose.

It really is amazing to watch the behaviors of die-hards. Their mood is solely dependent on how their team performs, and they will do everything they can to “help” their team along by adopting superstitions and odd rituals that they’ve either picked up that season, or had since they can remember. All of a sudden the kind of shy, timid friend you have, will dress up in a brightly colored clown wig, face-paint and scream like a banshee every time the team scores, or almost scores, or is about to score. It’s an incredible thing to watch. And when the team wins, they brag about it almost as if they were the ones who were playing themselves. On the flip side, a loss, especially one deemed unfair will turn your polite, kindhearted friend into a foul mouthed lunatic.

I may not know the difference between a tight end and a running back (those are things, right?) or have a fantasy football team, but I’ll cheer with you when you win and I’ll forgive your terrible mood when you lose. I promise I won’t get in the way or ask (too many) stupid questions. So, I’ll see you at the game. I’ll be the one who isn’t rooting for anybody, starring at you with curiosity and amusement. When everyone else is tuned to the TV, I’ll be the one watching the people. Because it’s the people that make football season fun…for me.

NFL Season 2014-2015

Have a great football season, everybody!

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