What You Need to Cover on Your Social Media Policy

How to Write a Social Media Policy

Keep your brand’s integrity safe on social media with a strong social media policy.

Writing a Social Media Policy

It’s a good practice for companies to have a social media policy. By documenting your expectations you make it easier for yourself, your social media manager and your employees, to promote your brand on social media while avoiding behaviors that could damage your brand. But how much detail should a social media policy have?

Ideally, your social media policy should address two segments: your employees and the company’s official accounts. Here’s a guideline of what you should include in your social media policy.

How to Behave on Social MediaOnline Behavior

This section should specify how you expect your company’s accounts and your employees to behave online when posting about your company. Things like the tone and personality that should be used, or the way to talk about your services or products, how to respond to comments whether they’re good or bad, and what should and should not be shared on social media.

Social Media Governance

You should clearly define the responsibilities around social media and the person responsible for each task. Here are some responsibilities you can include:

  • Staff training
  • Customer service
  • Post approval
  • Legal Concerns

If you have a social media manager, some of these responsibilities would be assigned to that person.

Engage Through Facebook with a Great Business PageLegal Risks or Concerns

Anything that you consider a risk for your company on social media should be addressed in this section. It’s a good idea to have legal guidance when working on this part. Here are some topic ideas you could cover in this section:

  • Managing Privacy: Determine what type of information is considered confidential or restricted for use on social media.
  • Use of employee disclaimers: Using disclaimers can prevent negative impressions online. You can request your employees to add a disclaimer to their posts when they’re publicly commenting on things that are related to your company, to make it clear that their opinions don’t necessarily reflect your own.
  • Crediting sources: Define the correct way to use content from other sources. Image copyright could be a topic to tackle.


Your social media policy is a guideline for your employees and your official accounts, to best represent your brand on social media. Keep in mind that this document doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages long. A couple of pages with specific directions is much easier to digest and easier to follow. Remember that the idea of this is to make it easier for your employees to promote your brand on social media while keeping your integrity online. Avoid turning this document into a What Not to Do on Social Media type of document, as this can discourage use of social media.

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Do You Have a Social Media Policy?

Do You Have a Social Media Policy?

This simple document could help you protect your brand’s online reputation.

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Policy

When things are clear, it is easier to stay on track. It’s a good practice to have clear documentation for your company and its employees to understand how to best interact on social media to keep the company’s reputation intact and avoid a social media accident.

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media PolicyWhat is a Social Media Policy?

A social media policy is basically a document that holds the appropriate conduct that your brand and your employees should follow on social media. A social media policy would also establish what type of content should be shared, your brand’s personality and voice, and it’s also a good idea to clarify how to respond to negative comments.

If it sounds like a lot, don’t worry. This document doesn’t have to be 100 pages long. A couple of pages that summarize but clearly define your wants and needs related to social media, will do. A social media policy is a live document, so make sure you update constantly as your needs or expectations might vary.

Advantages of a Social Media Policy

Having a social media policy can benefit your business in many ways, regardless of whether you’re just starting to get social or you’ve been doing it for a while.

Helps Keep Your Online Reputation Intact

With clear guidelines that convey what can and cannot be shared, it is easier to streamline communication on social media in a way that best represents your brand. This way, you can avoid social media mishaps that can damage your brand.

The Advantages of a Social Media Policy

Enables Consistency on Social Media

Outlining expectations around your social media presence helps your brand stay consistent across all networks. A social media policy will also help your employees align with your company’s voice. A well defined voice and personality on social media makes it easier for people to recognize and remember you, which has a positive impact on brand awareness.

Promotes Employee Engagement

With standards and expectations in place, you empower your employees to promote your brand on social media. This will increase your credibility as your message is best acknowledged when it comes from various people and not just your company’s social media accounts.

Keeps You Away from Legal Problems

Your social media policy should also clarify what steps need to be taken in case your employees become victims of a social media attack or if, for some reason, they put something online that could potentially damage your company’s reputation.


Social media management takes a lot of time and effort but when done right, you can increase brand awareness and promote your business. At Impressions Agency, we take care of your social media  while sticking to your guidelines and expectations, so we can best represent you online. Let’s build your brand together. Get a free quote today.

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Keeping Your Brand Safe on Social Media

Keeping Your Brand Safe on Social Media

Social media can be a great marketing tool but without proper care, your social media strategy could go south. Learn how to protect your brand against events that could damage your image.

Online Brand Protection Made Easy

Online presence is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. However, social media can be good just as it can be bad for your image when not handled properly. Mistakes are inevitable but the risks can be mitigated with a little know-how. Here are a few simple tips to protect your brand on social media.

Define Your Social Media Guidelines

Before you start posting away, you’ll need a social media policy. You should establish what type of content you’d like to share, your brand’s voice and its personality, as well as how to address situations like receiving negative comments. Your social media strategy should be based on this and aligned with your mission and brand culture.

Online Brand Protection Made EasyMonitor Your Brand on Social Media

It is extremely important to be aware of what’s going on social media related to your brand. Managing your reputation online will allow you to react better and more promptly against any situation that could potential damage your brand. It also gives you a chance to see all the positive things people might be saying about you.

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Hashtag Hijacking

This term refers to when a hashtag that you have created is used for completely opposite purposes of what it was originally intended for, having a backfire effect on your brand. It’s best to use hashtags that are specific and are focused on the customer, not you.

Implement an Approval Process

If you’re still hesitant about whether or not the content that will be shared on social media is of value to your brand and your customers, you can choose to set up an approval process that will give you some peace of mind. That way nothing is posted without being verified first.

Make the Right Impression Online

If you’re looking to push your business forward, at Impressions Agency, we can help. We are prepared to assist you in increasing your value and profits through remarkable digital marketing. Contact us for more information.