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Web Design & Development

With how fast technology is evolving, it is vital to create websites that are dynamic and versatile on all devices.
When producing a website we like to keep two areas in mind:

1. Building out a website that can produce great qualified traffic

2. Turning that traffic into new customers by building out a great sales funnel.

When building out a website we like to consider these things.

Value vs Cost:

At the end of the day, business owners care about growing their bottom line. More customers, and higher margins. This is why we believe in leveraging WordPress as a website builder to offer the best value, at a reasonable price.

We offer two different models. For most business owners, that want a great website that works and drives results, we recommend one of our five templated website options. Our templated sites have two goals — 1) drive results and 2) become an effective sales funnel.

Our second option that we offer is a custom designed website. This is great for companies who need that extra level of tailored design, functionality, and polish.


Producing awesome results means that we want new eyes on your brand, product, or service. We look at websites like race cars. We want the fastest vehicle to produce results.

User Interface:

The user interface (UI) is everything on the website that the user interacts with. If the UI is built correctly then it provides a stronger rapport between your customers and your business. Understanding your customer and how they interact with your site, is important to keep in mind when designing for both desktop and mobile. We believe the interface must be different on mobile vs. desktop because your customer will engage differently.

User Experience:

The user experience (UX) is the overall experience someone has on your website, and acts as validation to your business. A customer must feel confident with your business before they will engage in a purchase. When the UX is good, the site engagement will be high.

A good user experience builds rapport with potential customers by increasing time they spend on your site, increasing the number of pages a customer looks at, and ultimately building trust. When designing, we think about how every customer uses the website so that this engagement produces more leads and more customers.

Sales Funnel:

You could have the most beautiful website in the world but if it is not producing sales, what is the point of having a website for your business? Before starting any website build, we ask a set of questions in order to learn about your customers. Every site that we design is built to produce new leads for your business.

This is one of the most common areas of failure for digital marketing companies. What is the point in getting a lot of traffic to your website if you can’t make any money from it?

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