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3 Ways to Make Your Local Business More Attractive to Consumers

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Every local business wants to attract new customers and keep the ones they already have, but it can be challenging when many of your potential clients are not even in your geographic area! Luckily, you don’t have to go far to reach the consumers you want — you just need to think outside the box (or office). This guide will share three ways to make your local business more attractive to consumers using your online presence.

What Makes Consumers Choose One Local Business Over Another?

Consumer choice is influenced by four factors: Reputation, Credibility/Legitimacy, and Customer Service. These factors can be equally weighted, or one can be weighted more than another, depending on your industry. Understanding these factors and how they influence consumers will help you attract more customers to your business.

Three Effective Ways to Build Online Presence

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Consumer choice is influenced by several marketing factors

The three most important digital marketing techniques for any small business owner are a Google Business profile, a Facebook profile, and a website. These three tools will help your local business stay ahead of its competition. Creating a Google My Business profile allows you to show up on Google maps and in search results, which are increasingly becoming one of people’s primary ways of finding local businesses. 


Ensure you have a website and social media presence. This will help consumers find you and increase your legitimacy/credibility. You also need reviews from previous customers who say good things about your business because these make you appear more trustworthy to future customers. If there are no reviews on Google or Yelp yet, people may not want to do business with you since it’s hard for them to judge your business credibility.


Is your business up-to-date? Will they be happy with their experience? On review platforms like Yelp, search engines like Google and Facebook, and online forums, local businesses can create a presence and explain their unique approach. This strategy will attract consumers looking for what you offer and make them want to do business with you. 

Customer Service

It is much easier to be accessible and responsive and provide great customer service when you have an online channel to communicate with clients. Creative and relevant content provides solutions to search queries, and chat/messenger/communication tools allow you to respond to clients immediately.