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Terms & Conditions

You are probably on this page because you just joined Impressions Agency. We are looking forward to improving your online presence! In order to provide a great experience, we want to outline some expectations.

Unless your contract states otherwise your website expectations/ policies are as follows.

Website Builds Includes:

Site builds up to 15 pages – If you are like 87% of sites out there, you probably have less than 15 pages. If your company has more than 15 pages and we discover this after our original agreement, we’d be happy to help but we’ll just need to give you a custom quote for the additional work.

All websites include three revised changes – In order to help our workflow, we’ll do three rounds of website changes. During the website build, you may see an unfinished site half way through the process and be tempted to start emailing changes. Our team recommends you wait to send your first round of changes until towards the end of the site build when you have a better overall picture of the site and can provide a list of changes all at once. The developer on your project will be in communication with you throughout the process so will recommend when to send your first round of changes. These three revised changes can happen before or after the site goes live but is limited to 45-days after the website is live. Impressions Agency desires to build you the fantastic website you desire that functions in that perfect way, but in order to protect ourselves from that one client who is never happy we’ve put these expectations in place. 

Website Build Extras:

The items listed below are all extra costs. If we started your website build and one of these items were not in our original agreement but you decide you want to add it, we’ll need to give you a custom quote.  

Booking system – includes any type of reservation system.

E-commerce – includes woocommerce shop set-up, shipping integration, payment gateway integration, up to 30 products. 

Wholesale E-commerce – wholesale functionality is not a standard shopping cart feature and not included in e-commerce set-up. 

POS Integration – if you’d like your shopping cart to integrate with your POS system we’ll need to research to see what options are possible. It is an additional feature.

Pop-ups & Email Marketing Features – includes any type of promotional pop-ups, email sign-ups connected to MailChimp, Constant Contact etc. NOTE: Our team does not offer an email marketing service. You will be responsible for your email marketing account set-up, template designs etc.  

Membership feature – includes any type of membership add-on. For example, if you need certain users to have access to particular pages on the site, it is considered a membership feature. 

Event System – includes any type of event systems including calendars, sign-ups etc. 

Other plugins – Our team is happy to help transition current WordPress plugins you are using on your site if requested/needed; however, often times plugins are not able to be easily transferred and require additional set-up. In these cases, we would give you a custom quote on additional cost. 


Branding & Logo – Brand strategy, logo tweaking, and logo design are not included in your website package. If this is something you need we can give you a custom quote. 

Browsers we support – Firefox (Mac and PC latest version). Chrome (Mac and PC latest version), Safari (Mac and iPad only when possible), and Microsoft’s newest versions of Edge. Performance outside these browsers cannot be guaranteed.

Hosting –  Impressions Group LLC does not provide hosting services beyond temporary internal development environments. The client is responsible for choosing, paying for, and maintaining any required hosting solutions and associated services. As a courtesy, Impressions Group LLC,  may offer suggestions, however,  Impressions Group LLC, is NOT responsible for down-time, poor performance, or loss of data caused by the hosting provider. Additionally,  Impressions Group LLC, is not responsible for any bug caused by changes on the host after the acceptance of this contract, including but not limited to updates to operating system, compile systems, code libraries, and languages, or any changes resulting from security violations.

Recurring Services policies are as follows.

Content Management – Our content team works two weeks in advance in order to ensure the best service for you. If you have specials or specific items you need us to promote at a certain time please be sure to provide us with the info two weeks prior to the date you would like it pushed out.

Technical Blog Content – The goal of us writing blogs is to help with your overall SEO. Typically, our team doesn’t write very technical content, but instead keeps things broader and focuses on some of your key terms. If your industry is more technical and requires additional research from our team, there is an extra $50 fee per technical blog post.

Photos for blogs – We will provide an initial 40 stock photos to use on blogs. If you aren’t able to regularly provide photos, we recommend you add on our photo package. For $25 per month, our team will find and optimize photos to fit your blog topics. (Up to an additional 10 photos per month)

A 60-day prior written notice is required for cancellation. Our team works in advance so this time frame allows us enough notice to transition things correctly. (layman terms) – An Impressions Group LLC agreement may be terminated: by either party upon fifteen(15) days prior written notice if the party breaches or is in default of any obligation hereunder and such default has not been cured within such fifteen (15) day period. This agreement may also be terminated upon 60 day prior written notice by Client, or upon 60 day prior written notice by Impressions Group LLC. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Colorado.

Paid advertising – All declined payments for PPC campaigns result in campaigns being paused effective immediately. Campaigns are resumed when payment is successful.

Payments – All declined payments will result in a pause of services until payment is current. While we strive our best to work with clients during unfortunate circumstances, if a payment plan isn’t agreed upon, and payment is not kept current, it will result in a pause of services and then cancellation.

Third-party platforms – some of our services require the use of third-party platforms such as Facebook and Google Business Profile. Our team uses these platforms to assist you with your online marketing. We do our best to follow the platform’s guidelines accordingly and recommend our clients do the same. If your Google Business Profile for any reason becomes suspended or disabled, while we can help assist you in requesting that it be reinstated, we cannot control Google and what they choose to do. These platforms allow input from outside sources, such as users leaving reviews or reporting negative content. All of this is outside of our control. 

Other legalities – The parties to this Agreement recognize that this Agreement does not create any actual or apparent agency, partnership, or franchise between the parties. The Client is not authorized to enter into or commit Impressions Group LLC to any agreements, and the Client shall not represent itself as the agent or legal representative of Impressions Group LLC. The parties to this Agreement recognize that this Agreement does not create any actual or apparent agency, partnership, or franchise between the parties. The Client is not authorized to enter into or commit Impressions Group to any agreements, and the Client shall not represent itself as the agent or legal representative of Impressions Group LLC.

If you have any questions about our policies and expectations don’t hesitate to ask! We put these in place so we can better serve you and provide a great experience. We understand that some web marketing companies don’t always have a good reputation when it comes to customer service. Our goal is to provide you with great customer service throughout the website building process and beyond.

Please email with any questions or concerns. We thank you again for your business!