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5 Reasons to Use WordPress to Power Your Website

Building your site on the most extensively used content management system brings significant advantages to your business.

5 Benefits of Building Your Company’s Website on WordPress

WordPress started in 2003 as a blogging platform, and fourteen years later, it is the most popular content management system out there because of it’s ability to build professional-looking websites that attract more business. Of course, the list of benefits doesn’t stop there.

Here are five more benefits of using WordPress you should know about:

Search engines love WordPress Sites1) Great for SEO

WordPress makes search engines happy because the code behind it is very clean and easy to understand. This makes it much simpler for search engines to read the content of your site and index it.

Moreover, it lets the SEO components like the title, description, and keywords to be customized for each page, post, and image, which gives better overall control of your SEO.

2) Optimizes Your Website for All Devices

Responsive Web Design is a must-have these days, and WordPress allows you to create dynamic websites that work on all devices without having to develop them separately.

3) The Perfect Fit for a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

When your business is content driven, it’s only natural that you constantly find the need to share fresh content with your audience. WordPress makes this easy by enabling you to update your site in a very straight-forward manner and removing any workflows with unnecessary steps that might be necessary for other content management tools.

WordPress easily integrates with your social media accounts4) Seamlessly Integrates with Social Networks

Instead of having to login in to each social media account and posting things separately, you can integrate them into your WordPress through a plugin to automate the process and keep everything accessible.

5) Hack-Proofs Your Site

With the help of a strong team of designers and developers you can increase the security of your site using WordPress. Their software is continually being updated, and security is one of the major things they take into account. You’ll be notified of new software versions that will not only provide better protection but will, most likely, bring better functionality, too.

At Impressions Agency, we use WordPress to build our sites. We certainly want to take advantage of the amazing benefits we just listed and want to share them with you. Send us a message or give us a call and let’s team up to create a solid website for your business that will rev up your sales.