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5 Tips for Boosting Posts on Facebook

5 Tips for Boosting Posts on Facebook

Boosting a post is not enough. In order to improve engagement through your boosted post, you can try out some simple things that can help your ad’s performance.

How to Get the Best Out of Facebooks Boost Post Feature?

There are many benefits related to boosting a post on Facebook. The fact that you can reach tons of people that wouldn’t have seen your post otherwise, is one of the things that make it worth the try. Of course, every time you try something new, you expect to see the value of it. Here are some tips to help you harvest great results when using Facebooks Boost Post feature:

Define a Goal for Your Post

Before you boost an ad, make sure you have a clear goal in mind. What do you want to achieve by boosting that post? Create more brand awareness? Maybe increase traffic to your website? Depending on your objective, you’ll have a need for a different type of CTA to prompt the reader to do something, whether that is clicking for more information, signing up for a subscription, etc.

Dare to Try Out Different Demographics
Trying out different audiences creates opportunities

Dare to Try Out Different Demographics

Scheduling posts of different demographics might open doors you never imagined. Segmenting your audience by age or location, can be really helpful. It’s a good practice to try them out so you can see how they perform.

Target a Specific Audience

Once you’ve defined your target demographic, think of a specific audience. Restricting your audience to a select group will make posts more relevant to those that are exposed to them.

Take Down the Ad After a Week

Facebook lets us know that any ad that runs for over a week —regardless of how successful it might have been in the beginning— has a tendency to decline in performance after that time. So, changing things up on a weekly basis is a better option.

Run Tests with Different Ads and Content

Don’t shy away from experimenting with different things for your posts. You try different audiences, different types of content, run them for a different period of time or on different days. One of the great things about this feature is that it allows you to check on your historical data, so the more tests you run, the better your chances are to find what’s most effective for you.


You can have a great team managing your social media posts. However, sometimes that is not enough because organic reach has limits. In order to get more exposure, you might need to make an additional investment that helps you put your content in front of a larger audience. Curious about how you can have a more impactful presence on social media? Let’s talk!

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