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A Little Light for Everyone! Much Needed As We Start The Holidays

(Cover photo credit MPowerd)

A great first Impression

Looking for topics to blog about, I went to Google for some quick inspiration. Knowing the Holidays are stressful and everyone’s looking for extra inspiration for gifts to please everyone on the list, I thought a little light could come in handy.  And we all need some happy and positive blogging. After typing in “happy news”, Google did not disappoint….

This is how I came upon Luci, my new obsession. We only met online, but one day I will bear witness to her light.

MPowerd Luci Lights
The solar powered Luci light comes in multiple colors. Photo credit: MPowerd

Who and what is Luci?

Luci is a tiny, compact, inflatable, waterproof solar powered lantern, and she is going to change the world. The terrible news is that over 2.4 billion people around the world have little to no access to electricity. This leads to burning of toxic and dirty fuels to get basic heat and light. This is both costly to a group of people who are already poor, as well as the environment. The great news is that the Luci light has the (solar) power to make a big impact on the energy poverty pandemic we are facing today. And, she is going to be an awesome asset to anyone choosing to live and play off the grid.

MPowerd solar power
Photo credit: MPowerd

Where did Luci come from?

In 2012 a group of likeminded, socially conscious individuals set out to change people’s lives by creating and manufacturing clean solar energy products that would literally light up the lives of those living without electricity. Inspired by the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti, MPowerd was born, and out of that came the little light with the big mission: Luci. She is the simple clean affordable answer to a very big problem. And you can fit her into your back pocket. Big things really do come in small packages.

The Luci
Photo credit: MPowerd

Light up someone’s life

So like I said, I haven’t actually physically “met” Luci…yet. But I will. She is perfect for my life in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is by no means an under developed country and I can afford to pay for electricity, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our share of power outages in my little beach town on the pacific coast. And when it goes out there is no telling when it will come back on. One thing that I can always count on, though, is the sun. We have so much sun here that it is almost criminal not to use it, and the micro solar powered Luci is just what I need to brighten up the powerless nights. Because whereas I can afford electricity, I can’t afford to power my whole house with solar. I wish. It’s on the “to do list”, right after winning the Lottery. Luci on the other hand, is an affordable solar powered light energy source for everyone.

Maybe someone on your life should meet Luci too? Just a thought for a creative, good Christmas Gift.

Luci living room
Inflatable solar powered light weight weather proof Luci lights by MPowerd. Photo Credit: MPowerd

My Impressions of Luci

I think it is obvious how I feel about Luci and the people who created her. She’s cute, she’s shiny, she’s fun and she’s inflatable. She fights poverty and saves the planet! She’s like a great big superhero wrapped up in a convenient micro solar powered package. For those of us with electricity this is a great little luxury addition to your home or your next outdoor adventure. But it’s a luxury you can feel great about having. Luci has made a great first Impression on me, and now she is going to help me make an impression on the world: by sharing the light.

At Impressions Group we know that the smallest impressions can have a huge impact. Talk to us today about how we can help your business make all the right impressions in all the right places and boost you to the top of the world wide web.