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#AMAZING is when Social Media is Creative and It Counts!

Social media that counts

How to make it count?
Why did we think the ALS Ice Bucket challenge is great? Because it was viral awareness. Yes, yes, everything you can say against it and the people in the videos… But the bottom line is, someone started something that caught on fire, and it worked. Few people today can say they have never heard about ALS. Now, the otherwise-unknown-terrible-disease has a very significant flow of funds for investigation, treatment and patient care. Whether you got sick of ALS videos or not, it was Amazing! There are people that are sick with ALS, except now, they’re not so alone.

#AmazingVideo by Children’s Hospital Colorado

But you don’t have to have walked the Red Carpet, be rich or run a country to make something count. Which is why we applaud the Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Yes, in our very own hometown, the hospital held a Frozen parody contest with Seacrest Studios. And a 14 year old patient, Daniel, wrote a funny, moving song to cheer on our team: Broncos Go!

Creative! Plus the staff, patients and visitors at the Children’s Hospital really got into it, and the end product is Amazing. Why? Once again, because you can watch the whole thing, be moved (even if you’re not an “Orange and Blue” Fan), it’s catchy “all the way…” AND it brings awareness. Plus there’s a closing invitation:

Register at to become a bone marrow donor for those in need

As 7News Denver said it “We love this!” And we salut the power of Social Media in the hands of those who need the voice. Better yet, Social Media in the RIGHT hands!

Google, this is what we call Quality Content, you have to agree! 

Maybe my bold, underline, italics and emphasis on that keyword will help the spiders know I really mean it… lol!


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We also write about things that make us think and intrigue us, and that which we’re passionate about. We love our job. Well, who wouldn’t love to work from home, when home is an Oceanview rustic apartment in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica? Esteban should tell us more about that in his next blog.

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