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Artificial Intelligence & Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence & Digital Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence Can Impact Digital Marketing

AI is on a rapid rise these days. We use it in many things, from simpler ones like SIRI, to more complex ones like self-driving cars.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

When you think of natural intelligence, you’re thinking of the type of intelligence that is inherent to humans. Artificial intelligence, simply put, is the intelligence showcased by machines. AI is a type of computer science, that is meant to build intelligent machines in a way that they become able to respond to certain situations or tasks like humans could, or even better.

Artificial intelligence can minimize the margin of error in a process, providing more precise results, and also, it can make life simpler through incredible algorithms that can be implemented in technology we might use everyday, like voice assistants, GPS, and more.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Impact Digital Marketing

3 Ways AI Can Impact Digital Marketing

AI has been around for quite a while but thanks to the current reality in the digital landscape, it has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years. Here are some of the ways in which AI can affect digital marketing:

Improves User Experience

Artificial intelligence facilitates the ability to predict the behavior of website users or online buyers. This data will come in handy when designing your website so that there is ease of use in the way your site flows. AI can also help improve customer service by including chatbots that can be more efficient at solving issues.

Easily Reaches Target Audiences

Using artificial intelligence in digital marketing can be a great way to identify your target audience. AI can help you find certain types of people depending on certain characteristics like demography and interests, to determine if they would be the best target audience for a particular product, service or brand.

Makes Search Engines Smarter

Another great thing about AI’s ability to track and predict user behavior is its impact on search sessions and search engines. Not that they aren’t already great but they could be even better. With artificial intelligence. searches can be much smarter, as search engines will be able to predict your future searches, leading to better keywords.


Artificial intelligence is wonderful technology that paired with a great digital marketing strategy, can help businesses evolve. Need help developing a strong digital marketing strategy for your business? Impressions Agency can help. Contact us today.

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