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The Basic Glossary of SEO

Basic SEO Glossary

SEO comes with a lot of technical terms that can have your head spinning at times, especially if you’re a beginner. Get familiar with some of the most common SEO terms.

The Essentials of SEO Jargon

Alt Text

A description of an image in your HTML but normally not visible to users. It’s mostly for the use of search engines which, unlike humans, don’t actually see the images, just read the ALT text. It’s also useful for page readers for accessibility reasons.


Software used by search engines and programmed to find and include Web pages in their search indexes. Also known as a spider or crawler. They can also be used for malicious purposes.


A conversion is the general term for a visitor completing a site goal.

A conversion is a quantifiable goal on your website met by your visitors, like ad clicks, sign ups, and sales.


This is your site’s main Web address. Search engines will favor those websites that have longer registrations, so it’s a good idea to renew it consistently.


The number of files downloaded on your site, including graphics, photos, etc.

Impressions in SEOImpression

Page views. Every time a visitor views a page on your site.

Inbound Links

Also known as incoming links. A link from another site.

Key Word or Key Phrase

A word or phrase that a user will search for on search engines. Sites are usually optimized around specific keywords.

Link Building

To get more inbound links to your website for better search engine rankings.

Meta Tags

Contains data that tells search engines what your site/page is about. They’re placed in the head of the HTML and are not visible to the users.

Pay Per Click

Advertisement scheme where advertisers pay ad agencies whenever a user clicks on their ad.


Search Engine Results Page or Ranking Page. The page you are taken to after searching for something in the search engine.

Improving SEOSet Up A Good SEO Plan for Your Business

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