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Why do I need SEO and how to do it well.

SEO is the most effective and natural way for your business to be found online through search engines like Google and Yahoo! It provides the long-term sustainable brand recognition your company needs to consistently rank at the top of search results.

Due to the complexities of SEO’s dynamic nature, we have recognized that there needs to be a multi-tack approach to drive the best SEO.

Question 1 – Why do I need SEO and how do I produce amazing SEO?

An excellent way to understand SEO is to put yourselves in the mind of Google. What is Google trying to accomplish? Google’s main objective in our words would be: “ to produce the most trustworthy search queries for the end user.” Google’s mission statement, in their words: “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

The way that Google is producing these trustworthy search queries is by developing its proprietary algorithms. This algorithm is changing all the time and in order to become more efficient in producing those perfect search queries. This is why SEO has become intimidating–Google is always changing and we, as business owners, need to understand.

“Ponder this: Google does not care about you or your business. They care about making money and their end users. Their main objective is to produce awesome search results to the end user who is searching online. Google’s mission statement: “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” This is why SEO is important

Now let’s look at this question from a business perspective. Business owners have one major goal in mind: to produce new business. Typically, they are not only trying to find new business but are also trying to find the right types of clients. This is why SEO is such an amazing tool and a great driver for businesses both large and small. When done correctly, it enables businesses to hone in on their desired results and drive more sales.

Businesses are always trying to get the correct eyes on their brand, product, and/or service. We believe that one of the best ways to produce these great results is by properly leveraging SEO. In order to get these amazing SEO results, we believe a business must focus on a variety of key elements.

Question 1 – Why do I need SEO and how do I produce amazing SEO?

The recipe for success of a well-cooked SEO strategy requires a lot of ingredients, perfectly seasoned together. Each of these ingredients also requires, close attention and a specific flawless preparation, in order to achieve the correct balance. 

Web design is essentially important in order to succeed in the online world. A proper SEO web design takes more than just appealing visuals and good content. Web designers should work in hand with SEO experts when developing your site, in order to harmonically fusion them together. 

A proper SEO web design should be attractive and readable for users as well as for search engine algorithms. All your content, keywords and data should be relevant to users and search bots, but your site should also be user-friendly. Your site has to be easy to navigate, providing fast and easy to find answers to your potential customer’s queries. When you are able to integrate an amazing and appealing design with easy to navigate content, your site will smoothly  lead users to that desired conversion. 

This is an often-asked question… Yes! Your site speed does influence your ranking and overall SEO. Page speed is as important for search engines as it is for users. Search engine’s algorithms are designed to look for the best and most relevant content for their users and the faster your site is, the easier it is for the search bots to crawl down your data. 

User experience is also high valued by the search bots. In addition, a fast loading site has less bounce rate. According to Google, most search engines users expect the site to load in less than 3 seconds. On mobile devices, it is even less. Slow loading pages have higher bounce rates and lower average time on page. 

Page speed can be measured either by page load time or the load time to first byte, which is, how long it takes for your browser to receive the first bytes of information from the web server. There are several strategies and techniques to speed up your site, like optimizing your site’s images or site’s code. 

Providing your users with high-quality content is one of the best and most powerful tools in your SEO strategy. This content should be creative, unique, entertaining and interesting, while offering useful data and information for your potential customers. This requires a deep internal and external business research, in order to understand what, how, where, when and why your users require a specific answer or solution. 

On the other hand, your content and content strategy should be also designed based on search engine’s rules and the way their algorithms work. Your content should be created, structured and strategically presented in the best way for search engine’ bots to easily crawl down your data. 

High-quality content is a fine mixture of journalistic research, writing skills, keyword research and SEO techniques, all perfectly and gently blend together in order to reach a specific goal. 

Natural, organic link building has been one of the best and most reliable ways to boost your SEO ranking since the ’90s. Today, it is still and important factor in how Google and other search engines rank websites. However, organic, healthy link building is hard to achieve and requires a methodical approach. 

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. In simple words, links can be considered as votes of popularity and confidence. The more links you get to your site, the more popular, expert, authoritative and trustworthy your site will be perceived by search engines.  

In order to achieve organically and healthy link building, you should make good use of internal and external backlinks. It is important to take advantage of different strategies, like publishing a blog. This way you can get good quality traffic as well as higher internal links.


Domain authority is a complex, but useful metric or search engine score parameter. It basically predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages, according to its relevance for a particular subject area. Domain authority is usually scored from 1 to 100. The higher the domain authoritative a site is, the higher the rank score, search engines will give to it.

Domain authority score is a complicated and different criterion that requires high expertise in order to be able to read it correctly. DA or domain authority evaluates multiple factors, like the number and quality of linking root domains and the number of internal and external links, between others. Because of its nature and complexity, in order to get more accurate results, it is best to use different metrics from different providers.

It is important to understand that a brand new website will start with a DA score of one. As it starts evolving and growing it is common to notice significant jumps in the ranking score. Knowing how to read your site’s DA rank score in terms of the site’s age can provide amazingly useful data to optimize your overall SEO. 


Social engagement is a concept that has been put into constant analysis and discussion by the marketing industry. However, even though Google and most of the search engine service providers claim that it is not a direct element that impacts your SEO ranking, there is a high correlation between social signals or social engagement and the search ranking position. 

Highly ranked pages will accumulate more social interactions, and the more shares you get, the more exposure your business, brand, products or services will get. Social media engagement also delivers your message and brand to a broader audience. The more exposure you get to high-quality traffic, the more relevant your content will be for your target audience and this scores high on Google’s ranking factors. Nonetheless, social engagement does not have a direct impact on SEO. 

It is important to understand that links are highly valued by search engines. However, they all have the same base value. For instance, a social media post with one thousand shares and a similar post with just one share will both count as one link. Otherwise, the system could lead to frauds and other issues. 

Staying on top of every move your competition does, is a rule of thumb in the business world. However, your direct competitors in the open market are not necessarily the same in the digital world. It is vital to know and understand who your online competitors are, what are they doing, will be doing and are willing to do in order to outrank you and everyone else. 

You need to keep an eye on their digital marketing strategies, their top chosen keywords, their web content, social engagement, blog posts, video marketing, Ad campaigns, and every little detail on their overall SEO strategy. Pay attention to everything that is working for them and could work for you as well. 

Your business or brand’s corporate image and reputation are everything. The internet is a powerful weapon to boost your brand’s recognition, but with poor reputation management, you could spread around the wrong message. Online reputation management is precisely what its name suggests, managing the online image and reputation of your brand, business or project. 

In order to effectively manage your online reputation, while keeping your brand’s image impeccable, it is vital to be on top of everything, ready to react in a blink of an eye. You need to use the best of all your SEO tools, social engagement, blog posts, review sites, social networking and everything at your disposal, in order to boost and spread your positive reputation, at the same time you dissipate any rumor or negative image of your brand. 

Remember that your user’s opinion is extremely important. You have to respect it, embrace it and make good use of it. Listen to them and look for the best ways to improve your business. 

Question 2 – How can I do all of these things well?

We have learned that small to midsize businesses need and want to provide excellence in all of the elements above. As we have made this one of our number one focuses for the last 10 years, we now strongly believe that SEO is one of the biggest drivers for businesses.

All digital marketing companies provide SEO.

  • Other agencies primarily focus on web content and/or back-end optimization, but fail to specialize in site speed or reputation management. We know the list of competitive service providers goes deep and those other companies provide a wide variety of services, yet for small to midsize businesses, it often comes down to cost and value. Are they able to provide these things at a price point you are happy with?
  • Another item we have noticed is that small to midsize businesses are often working with multiple digital companies at the same time. For example, they have one company managing content and another company managing the website. Are you one of those companies? If so, let us help simplify things!
  • This is the value of using an all-inclusive digital solution? Impressions has been working extremely diligently to identify how to answer this question. We have recognized that business owners wrestle with deciding how much money they need to spend in order to win the online game. If a business is producing amazing SEO, this will guarantee to help them win over their competition. The icing on the cake is that we’ve learned how to provide these results at a price point that businesses are happy with!
A professional, successful, well-tailored SEO campaign requires creativity and knowledge. You have to invest significant time and hard work in deep research and analysis. In addition, it is important to have a skillful and proper use of all the SEO tools and strategies at your disposal. Once you are able to harmonically orchestrate all together,  you can be sure of getting back a high ROI or return on investment. 
SEO is an extremely effective and affordable weapon to boost your business brand or project’s success. Regardless of your final objective or goal, with a proper SEO campaign managed by our Impressions’ SEO experts, what seemed complex and mind-blowing will become fluid and lucrative.