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Does My Brand Need a New Website?

Creating a winning marketing strategy

When you start up a brand, there’s a lot of marketing that needs to get done. There are many options that can be set up to communicate with your clients, but your website should not be neglected.

A New Website Adds Value to Your Customer Experience

The Importance of a WebsiteYour website is an integral part of your marketing strategy. You should be able to communicate your brand’s relevance and market goals consistently on your website as you do on social media or in print. However, as social media became more and more popular, it seems like marketers forgot that the website is just as important. So, if it’s been a while since you last updated your website, for your brand’s benefit, now might be a good time to get around doing that. These are a couple of reasons why you need a new website:

Your Strategy and Content Are Not Speaking the Same Language

If you think about your brand’s strategy and the message you’re trying to deliver to your target audience, do you consider whether your website is aligned with that criteria? If the purpose of your website or your strategy has changed at all since your last update, then your site needs to change, too. The content on your website should always communicate the right message because the words you show play a big role in making customers out of visitors.

Fine Tuning User Experience
A bad user experience can push visitors away from your site

User Experience Needs Fine-Tuning

When you want people to buy your product, you don’t go around putting obstacles in their way, but rather, clear the path so they can get there easily. Pretend you’re a first-time visitor navigating through your site. Is the site easy to use? Is the information available relevant to you? Can you understand the brand from just browsing around? These questions are important, and if “no” is the answer to any of them, it’s time to clear the path.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Your website is like the face of your brand. To be competitive, presenting yourself properly is key. Creating a modern site that is both appealing and relevant to your customers doesn’t have to be complicated. Impressions Agency understands that with how fast technology is evolving, it is vital to create websites that are dynamic and versatile on all devices. We can provide a well-rounded solution for you and offer competitive prices. Get a free quote today.