Why Email Marketing Remains a Preferred Marketing Method

What's the difference between a homepage and a landing page

In 2018, 81% of small and midsize businesses relied on email as their prime customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention.

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Strong Today

There are many forms of digital marketing, and they are all valuable, but that doesn’t mean email marketing has lost its strength. On the contrary, email marketing is one of the most used types of digital marketing today. Ever wondered why that is?

Email Is Still a Big Deal

Email plays a necessary role in modern communication. Everyone uses email. The amount of email users is expected to grow to 4.3 billion in 2022. That’s half a billion users more than what we had back in 2017. Sounds crazy doesn’t? But all that means is, that email marketing is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for business growth and that businesses should continue to leverage it.

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Strong TodayEmail Is a Simple Way to Generate Revenue

How else would you be able to generate revenue with just the click of a button? Sending a promotional email to your subscribers is a quick and effective way to communicate your message that will help you increase sales. It’s all a matter of building a proper relationship with your subscribers. When that happens, they will be happy to get emails from you and probably look forward to it.

Email Boosts the Power of Social Media

Social media is also an excellent tool to generate brand awareness, customer engagement, and business growth but when combined with email marketing, the results can be much better. From your email marketing campaign, you can link to a piece of content on social media, and social media can help you generate more leads for your email list, both will help you build an audience and spread your message.

Email Is a Customizable Approach

Customers want to be treated as individuals not another one from the bunch. Email marketing allows you to move away from a cookie-cutter approach and personalize your message, as well as create targeted campaigns. As you get to know your customers and their preferences, you can identify the best way to communicate with them and tailor your message to fit their needs, which leads to more effective marketing.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you just might be missing out. Harness the power of email marketing for your business, and see for yourself why it’s such a popular marketing method.

Staying On Top; SEO Volatile Evolution

Dare to Try Out Different Demographics

When you think of it, it is kind of hard to follow the history of SEO, but its term and concept was first used back in the early ’90s. As the internet began its amazing expansion and evolution, new and more search engines started to appear. Parallel to this technology development, the need for being first in search results became extremely important. Eventually, web developers and advertisers understood how they could adapt and create strategies and tools to reach and stay in the top positions of result pages, giving birth to what we know as SEO, today.

Understanding SEO Basics

SEO has become one of the most important marketing tools for businesses in general. Not a single business, project, or idea that wishes to grow online could reach its success unless they apply SEO campaigns effectively. But, what is SEO exactly?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and in simple words, it is defined as the process that allows websites to become visible to internet users. The SEO theory states that the higher ranked your webpage is on the search results page, the more visitors and eventually potential customers it will receive. So, you can describe or think of SEO as a set of rules, tasks, strategies, and tools converging together, to naturally or organically gain better or the top positions in the SERP, or search engine result page.

When applied correctly an SEO strategy will ensure that your webpage appears on the top positions of the SERP, but it doesn’t end there. You can also take advantage of SEO strategies to make your webpage more user-friendly, faster and easier to navigate while increasing its quality.

You can control and also increase your webpage traffic, engage with your visitors and strengthen up your relationship with them. SEO can also be used as a powerful tool to promote and strengthen your brand awareness. Therefore, it is essential for a business to understand what is involved and converging in SEO to make the best of it, and ensure their success.

The Composition of SEO Structure

Understanding SEO
SEO tools can boost your business.

As mentioned above, SEO is a set of rules, tasks, steps, strategies, and tools converging all together to boost the possibilities of hitting a first place or top position in the SERP. However, to achieve this, it is essential to understand how SEO is composed. IT experts, web developers, programmers, and engineers, usually refer to SEO in two faces, on-page, and off-page SEO. Others even name a third and previous step as technical SEO.

System engineers refer to the Technical SEO as the very first step. It is basically, everything that has to do with the site’s structure and architecture programming. The developers and programmers job here is to make it easier for a search engine’s algorithms or crawlers to find, read and interpret your site.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO or on-site SEO is everything involving your webpage content and other elements found on your site. At this moment, you are in control of your site’s content, and you intend to create enough and clear signals to search engines algorithms so they can interpret the meaning of your content accurately.

You will be using essential tools like the composition and narrative’s structure, titles, headings, texts, keywords, images, videos, infographics, menus, internal links and everything at your disposal to send correct and clear info to the web crawlers. You need to show that your site and its content is not only high quality but also extremely relevant to the user. This way the search engines will rank higher and better your content and site quality.

Off-Page SEO

The final step is the off-page SEO. This one is often, mistakenly underestimated by many startups and businesses. However, lately, its importance has grown considerably for developers and search engines. Some of the off-page SEO strategies will be considered part of 2019-2020 strongest SEO trends. So, with no doubt, it is a step to pay attention to and look out for.

Off-page SEO techniques and strategies are mainly based on backlink building. When a user arrives at your site via backlink from another trusted site, your site will rank higher on the search engine result page, especially if the link is coming from a well-known and respected site.

There are many ways you can take advantage of off-page SEO to accurately promote your site. Some of the most popular and effective means of exploiting backlinking is by creating engaging, trustworthy and popular blogs or multimedia material that is attractive and shareable to users.

The number of high-quality backlinks to your site will positively affect in a big way the positioning of your site on the SERP. Backlinks are highly rated as a signal of trust for search engines since they are telling the crawlers that others consider your webpage valuable and trustworthy.

SEO Importance in the Business World

Search engine optimization has changed the way advertisers, and businesses see and promote their brand and webpages. Internet users trust Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines to provide answers and solutions to their queries and needs. It is stated that most search engine users will click on the top five sites suggested by the engine, and nearly 33% of the users click on the first ranking page.

According to Google, at least 34% of users who conducted a local search on their computer visited a store within a day, and at least 50% of the consumers did it after searching on their smartphones. Therefore, not only having an online presence but also hitting the top positions in the search engine result page, is a rule of thumb for any business or site that wishes to succeed.

It is true that pay ads, like Google Adwords or any other sort of pay-per-click Ad, will take the first positions on the SERP. Search engine marketing or SEM is a great way to boost your business awareness, presence, conversions, and incomes. SEM or search engine marketing refers to all the paid marketing strategies like social media ads, Google shopping ads, and everything that the industry has to offer.

Through SEM you can easily segment your target audience and reach more and better potential customers. Nonetheless, SEM is just a part of a complete and effective, high-quality SEO campaign. One should complement and boost the other.

SEO is a crucial element to ensure the online success of your site, but it is more than just that. SEO rules and policies have also provided an accurate commercial guideline, to improve your webpages user experience and usability. Search engines complex algorithms tend to change drastically. Besides, not all of their rules are always entirely clear. Therefore, it is crucial to take control of your site through an accurate SEO continuously, so your user’s experience and usability are always at its best.

If you can read and manage your SEO metrics correctly, you will have a clear map to set up the best strategy and approach to your users and potential customers. You will be selecting those users that are more prone to convert eventually. That will give you leverage over your competitors, no matter how much money they invest in SEM or any paid online marketing strategy. With an optimized and well-tailored SEO campaign, web search engines will rank your site higher.

Setting Up Your SEO Business Goals

Setting up your SEO goals.
Your SEO campaign should be well tailored to be successful.

Before designing and launching your SEO strategies, it is important to know and set up accurately your goals. Remember that SEO is composed of a vast number of rules, tasks, and steps. Depending on the goal you are aiming at, you may vary between tools, strategies, and plans.

On the other hand, if you are not entirely aware of how to set up correctly your SEO strategies, regarding the different objectives and goals your business has set, it will be hard to succeed. Consider your area of expertise, how the market and industry react and look for ways to provide your customers with easy access to data, info, and solutions to related issues and needs on the subject.

If you can focus your SEO goals and strategies accurately, you will be in control of your webpage and your potential customers. From there it will be easier to optimize your site.

Increase Web Awareness

Having the coolest and most amazing web page is not enough. You need to help your potential customers to find you. With SEO you can quickly increase the visibility of your site. Accurate SEO can boost your sites rankings and therefore its position on the SERP, making it more visible. It is an excellent strategy for brand awareness.

Respected Expert

The more respected and trustworthy your site and brand become, the higher your webpage will rank on the search engine result pages. You can focus your SEO on becoming an authority in a particular field or area. As you offer original and better content, users and potential customers will trust you more, and you will rank higher.

Website Experience

Learning how to read your SEO metrics and results is a great way of monitoring how your users and visitors perceive your webpage. The user experience is critical when it comes to good ratings. The webpage loading time should be fast enough to keep your users interested and entertained.

A good site experience and a friendly user interface will also boost your web traffic, which is one of the most popular and pursued SEO goals for business web pages. The more visible and better rankings your site gets, the higher the traffic will be.

Increase Your ROI

If you can arrange your SEO steps and basics to converge together harmoniously, you will be able to reach the ultimate goal of any business, which is increasing their ROI, or return on investment. If you are able to make your site more visible, reach more and better target audiences, strengthen your relationship with them, keep them longer on your site, making it more appealing and user friendly, while driving more people to it and increasing your respect and trust, with no doubt your business will grow and its income with it.

SEO Evolution

The search engine optimization has become without notice, a vital tool in the daily lives of people all over the world. Thanks to SEO, internet users don’t have to waste precious hours of their valuable time, searching for the information or answers to their needs. On the other hand, SEO also avoids that businesses and webpages manipulate the results, so the suggestions you get will always be the best ones.

Nonetheless, just as human and consumer behavior, SEO is continually evolving and its rules are changing. Google and the other search engines are always looking for ways to improve their performance, and in the last decade, they have shown how volatile and fast-changing their policies can be. What most of the search engines consider a priority, setting a lot of value to certain aspects, such as keywords, relevancy or backlinking, and in a couple of weeks from now, these might not be as important and valuable as before.

It doesn’t matter how successful your business and site are. You can’t let down your guard. On the one hand, your competitors will always be out there trying to outrank you, and on the other, SEO is always changing, and if you are not on top of the latest SEO industry trends, your brand and site will lose relevance.

How is SEO changing in 2019?

Knowing what is coming ahead in the SEO industry is vital to stay in the top positions. According to analytic experts, a few years ago you simply set your site with the proper content structure including menus, buttons, bullets, internal and external links. Good keywords in the content, header, title, sub-header, introductory paragraph, and a conclusion paragraph, a word count between 1,140-1,285, a loading webpage time of 1.16 seconds on the desktop and 1.10 seconds on mobile, and your site will have huge chances of hitting the first positions.

However, even though some of these aspects are still important for crawlers, they are not enough to reach a high rank anymore. After analyzing 2018 and how the first 2019 trimester SEO world moved, at Impressions Agency, we can expect what will still be considered essential to be included in your SEO 2019 strategy, if you wish to hit the top positions of your sites field.

Stay on Top with SEO

To hit the first positions in the SERP this 2019 and the upcoming year, it is essential to follow what are and will still be the top SEO trends.

Original Quality Content

This has been for a long time a significant aspect in SEO ranking, and it will still be. The more attractive, relevant, engaging and entertaining your webpage content is, the higher it will rank.

Mobile-First Indexing

 SEO 2019 Trends
Mobile First Index is an important SEO trend in 2019.

Google has rolled the anticipated Mobile First Index, shifting its ranking algorithm to primarily focus on mobile-friendliness as the first indexing criteria. Statistics show that in 2018, 52.2% of worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones. In fact, according to Google data, 70% of mobile searchers who’ve made a purchase, click on their smartphones to call directly from the search results to connect with a business. Now, this doesn’t mean desktops will no longer be factored, but mobile is increasingly becoming essential.

Data Security

Data security and ownership issues have become a significant subject in the SEO industry. International guidelines as the General Data Protection Regulation Policy, are trying to set the rules of the game, but in the meantime, ensuring data protection to your users is essential, and search engines are looking into it.

Even though it is mostly associated with virtual currency such as Bitcoins, interesting options like the use of blockchain to create a secure and trustworthy record of the data transaction is becoming popular. It is expected that the use of blockchain will have a huge impact on SEO.


In conclusion, SEO is more than just an amazing and essential marketing tool, but a set of different strategies that allows you to take control of your website, to make it more appealing, useful and vital for your users.

It is also a fast, volatile, changing complex organism that requires time, hard work, dedication, and constant updating, to keep it accurate and effective. However, once you can handle your SEO campaigns, you will ensure the success of your business, project or webpage. If you wish to know more about SEO amazing world, contact Impressions Agency today.

E-commerce: A Tremendous Opportunity for Businesses

E-commerce: A Tremendous Opportunity for Businesses

According to Kasper Rorsted, Adidas CEO, e-commerce is the future for a lot of markets and provides tremendous opportunity. This became clear to the world when Adidas published its earnings for 2018 and blew analysts’ expectations away. Last year, Adidas online business had an increase of 36 percent, which Rorsted considered by far the best year in the history of their company.

Why is E-Commerce Relevant for Your Business?

E-commerce has been consistently growing every year for the past 4 or 5 years, but the truth is it is just getting started. Having an e-commerce business model is an additional advantage for any business, whether it’s a startup, small business or a multi-million dollar company. The benefits of e-commerce are tangible. Here are some of the most critical factors:

Service 24/7

One of the best things about e-commerce is that it’s meant to provide round the clock service, so your business keeps working even while you’re asleep. That gives customers the opportunity to get what they want at any hour of the day, without having to visit a physical store.

Why E-Commerce is Relevant for Your Business


This ties into the last point. From both the business owner and the customer’s point of view, e-commerce is convenient. As a business owner, you can do business from anywhere at any time, while your clients can buy anything they need, no matter where they are or what time it is.


Whether you start big or small, e-commerce gives you the opportunity to keep growing at a pace you’re comfortable with, adapting your products and services to the needs of your customers. You can scale your business by adding more products, more payment options, and shipping to more places, and the great thing is that you won’t have to worry about having to move to larger premises to grow your operation.


One of the main steps in setting up a successful e-commerce business is finding the right company that can help you set up exactly what you need. Impressions Agency works with you to deliver great digital solutions, including e-commerce, to not only put your business on the map but help you achieve sustainable growth. Let’s get to work.

Why Your Current Content Marketing Campaign Might be Failing

This Is Why Your Current Content Marketing Campaign Might be Failing

Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Campaign Might Struggle

Marketing is all about generating opportunities to turn prospects into customers. Content marketing allows you to get in closer contact with those prospects, putting relevant content in front of them. Developing an effective content marketing strategy can be tricky, but it is essential, to get the results you are after.

There are various reasons why your current content marketing campaign might not be performing the way you thought it would, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel, it just might need some fine-tuning. Here are four reasons why your content marketing campaign is not as successful as you expected:

Not Addressing Relevant Topics

To engage your audience it’s imperative that you address topics that are relevant to them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to capture their attention. Interesting issues that relate to your business and audience, and that also addresses their needs, will keep them coming back for more.

Excessively Self-Promoting Your Brand

Not too long ago, marketers believed that self-promotion helped bring in more leads. Now, we know that is not an accurate statement. In fact, this practice can annoy your audience and put your content marketing campaign at risk. Instead, content marketing should be used to create stronger relationships with your customers, and generate good impressions of your brand. Good content will do the talking for you.

Content Marketing Campaign Forgetting About the Importance of SEO

Neglecting the power of SEO is a mistake. Your audience finds you using to keywords or key phrases in search engines, which means optimizing your content for search engines is essential. Doing keyword research, writing better titles, being smart in your use of internal links and backlinks, it all helps you get that much closer to your audience.

Not Measuring Your Results

How can you tell if you’re going the right direction if you don’t keep track of the journey from the start? Every campaign will render specific results which must be measured to determine whether the campaign was successful or not. Measuring your results will also help you identify if you’re making mistakes that aren’t on your radar, and gives you a much clearer idea of what needs to be improved.


A good idea is nothing without good execution. Maybe your last content marketing campaign didn’t work, but Impressions Agency can help you get much better results on the next one. We’ll help you produce enticing content for the right platforms at the right time, so you can keep your audience engaged. Let’s make things happen. Contact us today!

Blog Content Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Blog Content Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Mistakes to Avoid with Your Business Blog

Online presence is crucial for any business. If your business is not online, it might as well not exist, because, in today’s digital world, people find what they’re looking for online, and if they can’t see you there, they will go to the competition.

A blog is an essential part of your online presence. It’s meant to add value and keep your customers engaged. Blog writing is more complicated than it may seem. Small businesses often make some mistakes that prevent them from leveraging the power of their blog.

Not Having a Blog

Of course, if you don’t have a blog, that’s the first mistake that must be corrected. Your business needs a blog. It is no longer a luxury; it’s a must. It’s a way for you to communicate with your clients, share valuable information with them, attract more customers and engage the ones you already have.

Mistakes to Avoid with Your Business BlogWriting the Wrong Type of Content

Sometimes, when you’re writing your blog in-house, it can be hard to come up with relevant topics to write about, when you have so many other business-related things in mind, so you might end up publishing anything just because you need to post something.

Inconsistent Publishing Frequency

When you’re short on time, your blog might not remain a priority. Not following a posting schedule can affect the effectiveness of your posts, even if they are very well-written.

Not Sharing Your Content

Your blog content is not meant to be posted and forgotten about. It only becomes valuable once people start reading it. Get it out there! Share it on social media, or maybe even include it in a newsletter.

Neglecting User Experience

Writing endless blocks of text might seem ok to you, but it does nothing for user experience. Think about it. Would you want to read an article that is all text, no images, no titles, no links…? Probably not. It needs more than that. Structuring your blogs properly is part of its success.


The idea of writing a blog might seem simple, but it can be time-consuming to keep it going. The best way to get the results you want from a blog is to dedicate it the time is demands, but most business owners can’t spare a minute because they’re busy running their business. Impressions Agency helps you turn your blog into a tool to help you reach a wider audience and engage your customers. Get started today!

Twitter and the Power of Micro-Blogging for Businesses

Rebuilding Trust

When speaking about social networks, we can’t leave Twitter behind. After programmer Jack Dorsey twitted for the very first time: “Just setting my twttr,” back in 2006, Dorsey and his co-workers Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, gave birth to a social network that would change communication, media, and social networking today. It is stated that other names like Dodgeball and Friendstalker were considered before going for Twitter.

Described in different dictionaries as the act of twittering, a short burst of inconsequential information, or to talk rapidly and tremulously, the American online social network service started in July 2006 with less than 10 employees, and quickly became a worldwide company that is worth today about $4.5 billion, with more than 35 offices around the world and supported in more than 40 languages. Today, Twitter is best described as a news and social network, based on quick and short messages called “tweets.” These were restricted to 140 characters at the beginning, but in November 2017, the limit was doubled to 280 characters, boosting the possibilities.

Just like any other social network, Twitter registered users can post tweets about any subject, interests, products, and sites visited or actions they are performing at the moment. At the same time, they can search for information about users they follow like friends, family, celebrities, athletes, brands, institutions, and companies or even discover new users and accounts to follow. However, Twitter’s beauty relies on how easy it is to scan through the messages in search of useful, interesting, and valuable information. Its length restriction makes it a unique, powerful and friendly tool to scan and track down the most meaningful data you desire in real-time.

Twitter is an extremely powerful social network

Discover Twitter's power for business
Twitter is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs, and SMBs looking to grow.

Whether you plan to use Twitter as a broadcaster, the receiver of both. Twitter is a fantastic, free communication medium with a broad worldwide audience. It stands out from the rest for being a sweet and accurate mixture of instant messaging, microblogging, and texting. It has become an extremely popular social network tool, with over 330 million monthly active users, who post more than 500 million tweets per day.

Twitter’s fast and friendly scan feature, makes it ideal to stay and keep your followers updated. A short message can be retweeted in a matter of seconds, any number of times, becoming viral in a blink of an eye. To make things even more interesting, their 100 million daily social network users, not only post messages every second, minute, hour and day, but they also perform even more searches, serving more than two billion search queries per day.

These attributes make Twitter extremely attractive for celebrities, journalists, advertisers, news agencies, and companies that have found it a powerful marketing and promotional weapon.

Twitter as a free broadcasting and communication tool

The possibility of catching people’s attention in real-time through a short and smart message makes Twitter an ideal communication tool for journalists, celebrities, and virtually anyone who wishes to establish a strong personal relationship with their audience. Of course, it is inevitable to cross by posts of users sharing dull and boring aspects of their own lives, but its friendly interface makes it quite easy to get rid of those unwanted posts and hit the important stuff. Besides, Twitter’s valuable content keeps constantly and rapidly rising, as more companies and users understand the power of sharing relevant content to strengthen up relationships with their followers.

In the same way as other social networks, Twitter can be used or accessed through several platforms. Mobile is Twitter users number one choice of access to the network, with an 80 percent preference. Mobile access gives everyone the chance of sharing what’s going on in a brief, fast, creative, and striking way in real-time. This feature has provided to many of the faculty of becoming an amateur journalist, sharing breaking news, stories, developing events, and the most recent news and updates about their project, product, brand, and even personal life.

As news travels faster online than on any other communication medium, Twitter is becoming one of the most popular news sources. In fact, according to Twitter, at least 74 percent of their users started to use the network in search of their daily news doze. That makes it an ideal platform to share essential articles, hosting exciting and important debates and discussions.

Twitter has likewise become an ideal platform for brands and businesses to promote their corporate blog, reaching more potential customers, as they build a reliable and trustworthy relationship with them. It is an essential step in any SEO campaign today. It is also a great way to stay on top of your customers’ needs and demands as you can easily interact with them. That is a great way for customer feedback recording and learning about their satisfaction. All the data collected provides valuable leverage to dissipate any negative message or to counter-attack a competitors advertising campaign.

Twitter’s power for business

Establishing a constant and fluent interaction between your business and potential customers is a rule of thumb for any business that wishes to succeed, and Twitter provides precisely that. Twitter is a great platform to increase the opportunity to make more sales and grow your revenue. Companies are able to learn just what their potential customers desire and what their competition is doing in order to reach them. It also allows businesses to update potential customers about their latest sales and promotions.

Twitter is a popular resource for customers all along the purchasing funnel. Twitter users tend to share shopping tips, latest deals, reviews, and feedback about specific products, proving to have an amazing influence on potential customers buying decisions. According to Twitter, their audience is leaned-in, influential, and passionate with a variety of interests, these make them extremely receptive. They stated that nine out of ten Twitter users have actively engaged in a conversation with the small, medium, and big businesses and 93 percent of people who follow an SMB on Twitter plan to purchase from them. In addition, 69 percent have already purchased from an SMB they follow. Twitter data also shows that 57 percent of Twitter users said they discovered an SMB on Twitter and 73 percent of people feel better about an SMB after following them on Twitter. This makes Twitter a social network ideal for small, medium and big businesses that are looking for ways to reach specific targeted audiences.

Twitter also provides a vast number of advertising SEO tools and metrics to get insights in real-time from followers, and the people who have engaged with your Tweets. You can gain access to valuable data like user demographics, interests, lifestyle, purchasing behaviors, operating systems, brands they follow, and other variables that will help you create the most accurate and relevant content to any specific target audience.

Tracking the market via Twitter

track your followers
Twitter provides amazing tools to keep track of your potential customers.

Social networks and big data have changed completely the way advertisers design and build their marketing campaigns, strategies and promotions. The amount of specific details this data provides about your potential customers allows the advertiser to create messages tailored to their customers’ needs and goals, reaching more potential clients. In addition, Twitter is completely different from other networks in the fact that you don’t need to be a digital marketing expert or highly trained to read and understand metrics to exploit Twitter’s fascinating marketing advantages. All you have to do is pay attention to your followers and Twitter users.

People on Twitter are incredibly influential. A great example of this was the recent holiday season. According to Twitters own data, users were 83 percent more likely to offer advice to friends and family about holiday gifts and 49 percent more likely to say they spend a significant amount of time researching gifts compared to people not on Twitter. Just by scanning over for a few weeks it was easy to notice how much Twitter users were posting discussions about their holiday shopping ideas and reviews. From clothes to toys, retailers had a gold mine on their hand.

Twitter stated that for the 2018 holidays, the hot topic of the season was toys, with 621k Tweets per day, just in the United States. Mainly men were the ones posting about toy purchases and reviews with 69 percent, while women made up to 31 percent. Most Tweeted items or toys were: board games, like chess, followed by popular hero action figures and dolls.

The second main topic for 2018 holidays, was clothes and fashion with 607k Tweets per day. According to Twitter, the conversation about animal print clothing has seen a 28% increase since October, mostly women looking to pair their animal prints with other accessories. Imagine what this level of detailed data and information can provide to an advertiser or a fashion retailer at the right moment.

Promote your app through Twitter

The millions of Twitter users who access to the network every day, come to Twitter eager to discover what’s new, not only searching for products or ideas, but Twitter has also become an excellent platform to explore and learn about new apps. According to a Twitter survey, at least 58 percent of their users have installed an app in the last month.

Another exciting aspect about the Twitter platform is how much their team has enhanced it, looking to adapt each time to their users’ needs better. A great example of it is how, after understanding their influential power over the different app users out there, Twitter provided a series of mobile app promotion tools designed to reach and connect to this highly receptive audience. Driving app installs is the first step for any app marketer, but building and keeping a robust, reliable, and fluent connection with their users is what can make the difference, helping them overcome and succeed against the millions of other apps out there competing.

Twitting to success

No matter from where you look at it, your personal objectives or business goals, Twitter has become one of the most important communication, social media, and advertising tools any business, project, brand, entrepreneur, or professional character should use. Its friendly interface and straight to the point format makes it extremely attractive, versatile and useful.

Tweeting to success
Focus on smart, eye-catching, striking, valuable messages to catch potential followers.

There is even an addictive, clever challenge, of being able to convey a brilliant and creative message in just 280 characters. Which -in my opinion- makes it incredibly appealing. It was quite interesting to discover that according to Twitter, their active audience is more educated and professionally inclined. In the U.S. at least 28 percent of Americans with a college degree use Twitter, compared to 24 percent of those with some college education, and 14 percent of those with a high school diploma or less. Also, at least 45 percent of those who use Twitter to get their news, have a college degree. No wonder there is a vast range of Twitter users that are professional journalists.

On the other hand, Twitter users are likely to have an above-average income. Twitter reports that about 30 percent of United States users earn around 75 thousand dollars or more, followed by a 26 percent who make more than 50 thousand dollars. So, as you can see, the Twitter audience in general, is a desirable audience to reach, with a high-level of possibilities. Anyone who can exploit this with creativity, accuracy, and intelligence will have the doors to success open wide.

Remember that it is vital, when creating your tweets, to respect your followers. Treat them with care and interest. They need to feel appreciated and that they are interacting with another human being. According to Twitter, 70% of users retweet because they like a businesses content, and they will be closer to your brand if they feel emotional and familiar.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the media. Visual elements can be added to your message to make it more attractive and appealing. Twitter data shows that attaching an image on your tweet will boost the engagement up to 313 percent and it will have a 52 percent more chance of being retweeted. So, for those numbers, always try to look for a good image or rich media to come along with your text message.

Recapitulating, Twitter is today, one of the most powerful, user-friendly, direct, free, communication, advertising, and social networking tool. With more than 330 million monthly active users, posting more than 500 million tweets per day, this 4.5 billion dollar company has proven to be a must for any SMB that wishes to succeed in their market. Contact Impressions Agency and get your Twitter strategy tailored specifically to your goals and needs. Happy tweeting!

Pinterest 101 – Grow your brand with this useful platform

Pinterest is a rapidly growing social network, used across the globe by millions of people from the comfort of their home computers and mobile phones. According to their official statistics, more than 250 million people use the platform each month, and there are more than 175 billion pins in circulation, ready to be explored. Consequently, entrepreneurs and small business owners can potentially reach millions of people with their products and services, as well as drive significant traffic to their sites, ultimately converting pins and clicks into revenue.

Like Google, Pinterest is used for research, and Pinterest pins and boards show up on Google search results, helping small businesses get their messages across on a much larger scale. Since pictures capture the attention of internet users more efficiently than any other content currently being used online, it is no wonder Pinterest has such a large following, with new users joining the platform daily. One of the most common descriptions of its users is that they do not go to Pinterest to buy, but rather to dream. Pinners use Pinterest to save ideas “for later,” making the platform perfect for marketing use. They research products on Pinterest before buying them, in the end boosting sales because they are more likely to go forward with their shopping after thoroughly exploring their options.

Even though Pinterest is considered to have a slow burn because it takes some time for the pins to go into circulation, it expands the reach of your content, and your presence on Pinterest builds trust and credibility, as well as brand awareness. It is a powerful driver of traffic because pins do not have an expiration date, but instead continue to redirect users to your website for years. Since the users themselves are in control of the content they are exposed to, your pins, products, and services end up reaching your targeted audience more easily.

Grow your brand

Who is your ideal customer?

When creating content for Pinterest and curating your business profile, boards, and pins, keep in mind that the user base for this platform includes a variety of audiences of all genders and generations. With 250 million users collecting ideas every month, be aware that you cannot reach everyone with equal success, but you can still share relevant content and attract new followers and potential customers. To do that, you will need to define who you are speaking to when pinning your content. When describing your customer avatar, think about what is that person looking for on Pinterest? Your goal is to get your potential customers to use your boards as curated resources that will help them make informed decisions and lead them to your website. Figure out what are their habits, what keyword combinations they keep using, and solve their problems with your content!

Choosing your account and cleaning up your act

Even if you have used Pinterest before to explore its rich visual world, creating a business account and connecting it to your official website is crucial for the development of your brand on this platform. Although there is a possibility of converting your personal account into a business one, keep in mind that it holds information that might not be relevant to your business, which means that you would have confusing content on your profile. Cleaning up your existing boards and optimizing your pins for your ideal customer is a time-consuming and tiresome task so start fresh with a new business account.

The new account will allow you to have Pinterest analytics, an invaluable resource for any business, giving you insights about your audience, pin performance, and potential users. You will also have the option to use rich, promoted and buyable pins that will help you advertise and even sell your products straight from Pinterest.

After creating your business account, take some time to make it look professional. Use a good profile picture showing more than just your brand logo, and fill out your profile description. It is only 160 characters long, so be concise, strategic and use it to guide new followers to your website. Do not forget to use your brand colors and visuals to connect your Pinterest account with your site.

Curated and carefully titled boards

As you already know, you can group your content into boards that can contain a limitless number of pins. Each board has a title and should have a description with keywords for more comfortable sharing across the platform. Title your boards using keywords important for your niche because boards get indexed by Google, and their titles play into the search. The board description is useful for your users; it helps them decide if they want to follow and explore that particular board. Be intentional when positioning your boards and dedicate the top two rows of your profile to your most popular ones. Create numerous boards and fill them with related content, not just from your website, but also from other users from your industry. Add a minimum of 20 quality pins to each board. Transform boards that are useful to you, but are not suited to your audience 

into secret boards that are not visible to the public.

Making your pins stand out among the billions

When creating your pins, the smallest elements of your Pinterest profile, make sure that you use engaging vertical images and great graphics that will stop users mid-scroll and make them click through to your website. Combine them with good headlines and make your content cohesive and recognizable because that is an excellent way to build your brand. If you sell products, make sure that you post both product shots and lifestyle shots showing your product because they will help your potential buyers envision the product in their homes and lives.

Rich pins are an excellent unique feature of the business account, and by activating this option, you will automatically add website information like your website title, blog post title or product headline and a description to your pins. This additional information helps make your pins more visible and helps you rank higher in the Pinterest search. Do not forget to include one or two sentences long pin descriptions with relevant and important keywords. Pinterest recently introduced hashtags you can also include in your description. Adding four or five specific hashtags gives you new branding opportunities; however, these hashtags will not affect the classical search feed. They are creating a chronological hashtag feed and are an option still in the development phase.

Promoted pins are pins you pay to appear on searches where your ideal customer will most likely notice them. Similar to sponsored Facebook posts, use them when you want to push a specific and essential content, service or product.

Buyable pins allow your customers to buy your products straight from Pinterest. This option is still not available for all Pinterest users, but it is a feature that will allow your users to purchase items directly from their boards without leaving the platform.

How to get more clicks, followers and ultimately sales?

As a broad and popular social network, Pinterest provides new business opportunities for brands, but to harness them you will need to have a clear plan on how to convert your Pinterest followers into new customers. Even though beautiful images combined with useful resources comprise a great way to market your business, you could be wasting valuable time creating content for Pinterest, pinning and sharing if you do not figure out ways your ideal customers can reach you or offer them added value that will make them stay and explore your content.  

To grow your email list with the help of your Pinterest profile, create an individual opt-in in the form of free content your users will not be able to resist and add it to your most popular pin. Add similar offers to those posts that are getting the most traction and offer free content to your visitors coming from Pinterest in exchange for joining your list, like different cheat sheets, useful checklists or road maps closely related to your business. If you have a product-based company, offer a discount on your customers first orders because it will be a strong incentive for them to stay on your site and shop around. Pay attention to dead links that lead your potential customers to “out of stock” or “offer expired” messages and redirect your users to alternative products. Share on other social channels that you are on Pinterest and ask people to follow your brand. When creating your content, think about how your ideal customers search for ideas, inspiration, and products.

How do your customers perform their keyword research?

  • They use word prediction in the search box with targeted words. This method can show you which phrases are most commonly searched for so that you can use them when creating and naming both your boards and your pins.
  • They use guided search boxes with suggestions. These word combinations help you gather information about which keywords to use when naming and describing your content.

Lost without your analytics – Google, Pinterest, and Tailwind

Every business owner that uses digital platforms knows that analytics provide the most critical information you can get online about the success of your content. You can learn which topics are driving the most traffic to your website, who are your readers and customers, where do they come from, how long do they stay on your website and so on, and you can use that data to adjust your online presence.

Google Analytics is a tool you can use to follow the traffic coming to your website and to see which of your pins are going viral, as well as which smaller pins continue to attract Pinterest users. Use Google Analytics to give you more focus; you can see which are your most successful pins and create content about these favorite topics.

A business account on Pinterest includes access to Pinterest analytics you can also use to help you curate your profile. By exploring the available data, you can find out who are the people you reach and what are their other interests. You can also find out to which boards your pins are getting pinned, information that can help you see if your content has a clear message. If your pins are being added to an entirely different category from the one you were targeting, check your content and make the necessary adjustments to the titles and descriptions of your pins and boards.

To make your life easier, you can use Tailwind, a scheduling tool approved by Pinterest. Besides freeing up your time during the week by scheduling your pins, it also has a useful feature called the Pin Inspector you can use to follow pin performance and engagement.

Although tracking the analytics is useful and necessary, it will take some time before you get steady traffic from Pinterest, so do not dwell on these numbers too much. Check your statistics thoroughly every two weeks or once a month, to make sure you are not missing something.

Digital Plataform

Hiring a professional to manage your Pinterest profile

Starting and growing a small business is a challenging process, even without all the social media outlets you have to add to the list of your marketing outlets. Besides managing your website and blog, you are trying to master Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest all at the same time and you feel overwhelmed. Do not worry; it happens to everyone! If you decide that the presence of your brand on Pinterest would be beneficial for your business, but you are not sure if you have enough time to explore all the possibilities it has to offer, hiring a professional could be the right choice. If you have been following all the “rules” of Pinterest, but your efforts did not convert into actual traffic or you are not sure about what strategy to implement and find that other aspects of your business are creating more revenue and require your undivided attention, outsource Pinterest-related tasks!

A good Pinterest manager:

  • creates a growth strategy for your brand, focusing specifically on Pinterest
  • creates well-performing, branded content and engaging images, and pins them at appropriate times
  • makes sure that all your pins are visually attractive, described with appropriate keywords and pinned to the right boards, and  that the boards themselves have relevant content and well-rounded visual identities
  • follows the ebbs and flows of Pinterest and keeps a close eye on current trends that influence what people save from the overwhelming choice of content on the platform
  • pays close attention to the analytics in order to optimize future pinning
  • saves a valuable amount of time you can use for growing your business more efficiently
  • finds relevant Pinterest group boards you can benefit from joining
  • helps you perform an account makeover if necessary

Do not forget, your business profile is about the philosophy of your brand, not just about your products and services, so enjoy all the resources Pinterest has to offer and support other great content available. Know your audience, be consistent in creating quality content that will get shared organically, build your community and continue talking to your users through your email list. If you feel overwhelmed, we are here to help, and remember, sharing is caring!