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Finding Your Company Voice for Brand Consistency

Creating a winning marketing strategy

One of the most important aspects of building a brand is brand consistency. Building brand consistency begins with a mission statement that will define your company, as well as set you apart from the competition. Defining who you are as a company will build a brand identity, define your company voice, and create brand consistency.

Defining company voice

Every company needs to figure out what makes them unique. When we create a marketing strategy, the first step is always to understand what your company stands for, what makes you special, and how you stand out from the competition. Understanding your company voice is the first step to creating a winning marketing strategy. Furthermore, using a consistent voice in all areas of business creates consistency and brand recognition.

Avoiding a generic voice

Before you sit down with a marketing agency, you should already have a good grasp of your company voice. Many companies, however, have created a voice that is too generic. A generic voice won’t make an impact on your audience. If your competition are all using bright, bold colors and you come out with a beige, then you’re going to fade into the background. Finding keywords that define your brand and your company voice should be specific and personal, not generic and weak.

Go beyond the expected

A generic company voice is a voice that doesn’t differentiate itself from every other company. Avoid defining yourself with words that are expected of every company. For example, every customer is going to expect a company to be honest – or, at least, to say they are honest. Every company is going to promise exceptional customer service, so don’t bother to list these attributes, as they are assumed by all customers.

Creating a winning marketing strategy

Build brand consistency with a company voice

Once you define your company, we can build a winning marketing strategy. By using a consistent company voice in your marketing, you will increase brand awareness and brand consistency. We’re a full-service digital marketing agency, helping you define your brand and build a marketing strategy to help you grow your business.