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How does the system handle opt-outs

The end user can easily opt-out of receiving emails by unsubscribing from the link found at the bottom of the email. When they opt-out, the system automatically grays them out in the contact list. They will not receive messages moving forward and you cannot manually re-subscribe them. You can just view their customer profile to see any history.

How can someone opt in to the SMS marketing feature?

The AI platform comes with SMS marketing that easily allows you to send out text promotions to your customers. There are two ways to opt-in:

  1. When someone calls your new call forwarding phone number, they are given the option to opt into the SMS messaging system.
  2. By texting START to your call forwarding phone number.


What is your artificial intelligence all about?

Our AI platform allows us to help drive quality reviews by connecting with your current customers. The system helps you easily push out promotions and incentives for your current customs and gain referrals. You can be as hands off or on as you want to be.

What does your on-boarding process entail?

After you’ve made the decision to start with our services, you’ll fill out a service agreement. Once that agreement is submitted you’ll receive an email with links to our onboarding forms. These forms will be based on what services we will be providing for you and take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour to complete. We understand the process can be time intensive, but the onboarding forms are key to providing you with great service and success.

Why do I need a content writing service?

Having good, quality content pushed out from your website on a regular basis is great for your SEO and brand. We understand that when you are running a business, oftentimes working on your own businesses’ marketing get pushed aside. For more info check out this article: Should I Outsource Content Writing For My Blog?


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