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Denver Artist Amy Kress Is a True Purveyor of Self Discovery

A Denver Artist with a Real Life Story to Tell

Compared lately to Sarah McLachlan and poised in the Mile High City to spread her story and grave amount of guitar laden cheer to the Rocky Mountain Front Range, Amy Kress is a true purveyor of self discovery. Realizing just three years ago that she wanted to pursue music with a vengeance, she went through an experience much like Walter White on the hit show “Breaking Bad”. In the series, he stares off into space when he gets news that his life will change forever, and sure enough, it does. There is nothing quite like focusing that energy into an open stage, showcase at Herman’s Hideaway, or recording session. From South Broadway all the way to the scenic venue Red Rocks in Denver, the vibrant music scene has influenced what is known as the musical gateway to the west, having venues with standout charm and personality like The Bluebird and Gothic Theater.

Amy Kress Denver Artist

The beautiful area that sits beneath the Rockies is full of magical wine cellars, and that location is where the video for “Numb” begins; with Amy standing in a crowded bar running her finger slowly over bottles of wine. Strings and piano accompany lightly in the background, and a handsome stranger shows his face and makes her acquaintance. A bit stressed out and desperately “Searching for an answer”, she drives into the night, and winds up in a delightfully sensual club with a tattooed beauty dancing on stage. With some colorful edits between her laying chest down and being tattooed to whispering in the dancer’s ear, we are shown the battle of a choice with some artistic taste. This really led me to think of “The Suicide Girls”, a wonderfully documented group of women that wonderfully portray the “lushly upholstered, decadent speakeasy hidden off a back alley on the wrong end of town”.

Amy Kress singer

Mile High City and Beyond

Commanding a voice presence that resonates nicely from the finished and mastered product, Amy Kress will surely be serving up some standout performances in the Mile High City and beyond this year. With venues up and down Colfax, and more sunny days then most people care to shake a stick at within a state, this is going to be one artist to watch in the coming year. After a rock climb, kayak ride, skatepark visit, or brewery tour, wouldn’t it wet your tonal appetite to check out a true rising Mile High star?