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Discover the Magic Words of Advertising

Words are powerful, both in life and in advertising. The words you choose for ads can make or break your marketing results.

Create Powerful Advertising by Using the Right Words

You can set up a powerful content marketing campaign by choosing impactful words. Words sell. The tricky part is to know which words have that impact. Luckily, studies have been done to discover the most powerful words – the ones that can help you get the best results. When the psychology department at Yale University decided to take on this task, they studied tons of words in the English language and concluded that the following are some of the most effective.Wisely choose your words

  1. YOU: The reason why this is the most powerful word in advertising to date is that it’s personal. No wonder it’s been number one for years. It’s not that people are self-centered, but the truth is that we like to feel interesting and relevant, and want others to feel the same way. When you address someone directly, calling them “you” is the best option you have. It’s engaging, which is why it’s beneficial to use when talking to your customers.
  2. RESULTS: This word also implies success. We all want results from anything we pursue or have an interest in, whether it’s a product, a service, or anything else. The word “results” gives people a reason to believe they’ve made the right choice.
  3. HEALTH: This is a trendy topic these days. People are more and more interested in preserving or improving their health, whether it’s physical health, financial health, or mental health. This is why it is such an appealing word. Just make sure to use it wisely. People love it, but throwing it around lightly can backfire.
  4. GUARANTEE: If there’s one word that makes people feel safe, it’s this one. Even though this word has great response, it should only be used if you can actually back up the guarantee.
  5. DISCOVER:  This word adds intrigue, making people anxious to know what’s coming next. It can give a sense of excitement like you’re being presented with a surprise.

Engaging Words, Enticing Content

Words are really important when it comes to marketing your business. Social media, blogs, and websites are all primarily text-driven ways to communicate. To create good content, make sure you wisely choose the words you’re going to use to get your message across.