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The Dos and Don’ts Of SEO

How to Bounce Back from an Attack to Your Online Reputation

Writing readable, SEO-friendly content can be tricky. There are things you definitely want to keep in mind when working on Search Engine Optimization for your blogs. However, there are also some practices that you definitely want to avoid, as they will harm you rather than get you the desired results.

SEO Copywriting Dos and Don’ts

If you’re constantly generating new content for your website and are having a hard time writing for SEO, here you have some tips you might want to remember.

The Dos – Good SEO Practices

The Dos of SEO
Write quality content that engages your audience

Going back to basics is sometimes necessary. You don’t need fancy words and extravagant content to have good SEO. You can write simple content. As long as it engages your target audience and it’s valuable to them, that’s a win.

Become friends with synonyms

Don’t wear out your focus keyword. Using it over and over again is only going to make for unreadable content. Instead, use some synonyms of the keywords or even similar keyphrases for which you want your content to be found. If you’re running low on ideas, Google’s Keyword Planner is a great, free tool for inspiration and keyword research.

Resort to internal linking

Having a cornerstone article you can link back to is a great way to help your readers navigation to other pages within your site that truly add value to your text. You can include an internal link to that article in new posts. A cornerstone article, also known as an anchor, has basic, relevant information that can be referenced time and time again. Using internal links correctly will help your ranking.

The Don’ts – SEO Tricks to Avoid

Don’t write content around a keyword

Keywords do play a role in deciding what to write about. However, you shouldn’t have to adapt your topic to a certain keyword just to rank. Content is written for people first, not for robots.

…Don’t try to write an article about a certain topic and try to rank for it by optimizing it for a totally different keyword. Topic and keyword should be pretty much the same. It shouldn’t be too hard to optimize for a certain keyword. If you’re feeling awkward about using a keyword too often, perhaps the topic of the post and your focus keyword aren’t aligned.

The Don'ts of SEO
Avoid monotonous, boring content

Always keep things interesting to your audience. Basics of good structure, for example, keep a nice balance of long and short sentences and paragraphs. Refrain from starting several sentences with the same word. Look for ways to turn up the appeal of your content. Adding examples could help make your article more entertaining to read.

Never use duplicate content

You shouldn’t use the same content twice on your website. If you want to reuse it, change it up a bit or quote it correctly. If you’re not planning on doing that, then make sure you use a canonical URL.

A canonical URL allows you to tell the search engines that certain similar URLs are actually one and the same. If you do it this way, your ranking will not be harmed by duplicate content.


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