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E-commerce: A Tremendous Opportunity for Businesses

E-commerce: A Tremendous Opportunity for Businesses

According to Kasper Rorsted, Adidas CEO, e-commerce is the future for a lot of markets and provides tremendous opportunity. This became clear to the world when Adidas published its earnings for 2018 and blew analysts’ expectations away. Last year, Adidas online business had an increase of 36 percent, which Rorsted considered by far the best year in the history of their company.

Why is E-Commerce Relevant for Your Business?

E-commerce has been consistently growing every year for the past 4 or 5 years, but the truth is it is just getting started. Having an e-commerce business model is an additional advantage for any business, whether it’s a startup, small business or a multi-million dollar company. The benefits of e-commerce are tangible. Here are some of the most critical factors:

Service 24/7

One of the best things about e-commerce is that it’s meant to provide round the clock service, so your business keeps working even while you’re asleep. That gives customers the opportunity to get what they want at any hour of the day, without having to visit a physical store.

Why E-Commerce is Relevant for Your Business


This ties into the last point. From both the business owner and the customer’s point of view, e-commerce is convenient. As a business owner, you can do business from anywhere at any time, while your clients can buy anything they need, no matter where they are or what time it is.


Whether you start big or small, e-commerce gives you the opportunity to keep growing at a pace you’re comfortable with, adapting your products and services to the needs of your customers. You can scale your business by adding more products, more payment options, and shipping to more places, and the great thing is that you won’t have to worry about having to move to larger premises to grow your operation.


One of the main steps in setting up a successful e-commerce business is finding the right company that can help you set up exactly what you need. Impressions Agency works with you to deliver great digital solutions, including e-commerce, to not only put your business on the map but help you achieve sustainable growth. Let’s get to work.