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E-Commerce Trends for 2020

Trends That Will Shape the Future of Ecommerce This Year

Ecommerce is growing and growing each year, and it has an impact on the retail industry. Mobile devices come into the equation, as they feed this trend and expect to drive in approximately 45% of the revenue for eCommerce in 2020.

Did you know that 73% of online consumers use more than one channel to shop? That’s why it is so important to integrate several digital marketing strategies. Here are some eCommerce trends that are relevant this year:

Artificial Intelligence

AI might make you think of robots, but there’s more to it, especially in the world of digital marketing. Artificial intelligence is harnessed customer data to learn about their demographics and consumer habits. This technology helps you personalize your content so you can target the right audience with the right information. Integrating AI into eCommerce websites offers many possibilities.


Customer service requires one-on-one interaction, although that doesn’t mean it needs to be face-to-face. Businesses are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and private messaging platforms to provide a better customer service experience. That is where chatbots fit in, as they intend to simulate real conversations, so they are very efficient in answering questions, offering discounts, recommending products based on the customers’ needs, and resolving customers questions.

Why Chatbots are a Must in eCommerce

Conversion Optimization

Ecommerce sites usually integrate a PPC ad strategy to promote sales. When a customer finds your website through an ad, they should land on a product page instead of the homepage. That means that your attention should be on optimizing those product pages —which will promote conversion— rather than focusing so strongly on your homepage.

Predictive Analytics

Data is precious and is useful for many things. Predictive analytics is for the study of current and historical data to make certain predictions about a customer’s actions. Certainly a valuable add-on to a digital marketing strategy that will support your eCommerce business.