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Email Marketing: What to Do with Disengaged Contacts?

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Managing Disengaged Leads

Marketing is meant to help you attract the attention of your audience, but it can be a challenging task, particularly since you’re not the only one out there doing the same thing. Email marketing is an effective way to reach your audience but it has a tricky part: keeping your subscribers engaged.

Even when your intention is to keep in touch with your audience or leads, and provide them with valuable information, it is not uncommon to find more inactive subscribers on your list, than active ones. By inactive —or otherwise called dead— we are referring to those contacts on your mailing list that haven’t interacted with any of your emails in the past 6 months or so. No interaction, meaning no opens, no clicks, nada. In this case, you have three options: keep sending them emails knowing that your deliverability rate will likely be affected, remove them from the list or… wait for it… attempt to re-engage them. ?

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Value of Re-Engaging

While those inactive subscribers might not be interacting with your email marketing campaigns at all, they are not uninterested enough to unsubscribe. At some point, they voluntarily decided to opt-in and there is a reason why they have decided to keep you around. That means you still have a chance to get their attention and re-establish your relationship. If you pull it off, the quality of your list will improve and so will your conversion rates. 

Take Time to Analyze the Situation

There are many reasons why disengagement might happen. Finding out what the root cause is will help you address the problem in a more efficient manner.

  • Are your emails offering good quality content or could they use a little revamping? If your content is not relevant and valuable to your audience, they will likely leave them unopened in their inbox.
  • Are you sending too many emails? Your contacts are already being bombarded by emails from many other sources. If you want a chance to stand out, you can’t do the same thing they’re doing.
  • Maybe they weren’t really interested to start with. Despite your hard work, you can sometimes attract people who are not legitimately interested in your brand but just in what you were offering at that moment. 

Your game plan to reel them back in will depend on what caused them to take a step back. Of course, this is all easier when you’re getting help from pros in the digital marketing area. That way you have one less thing to worry about!