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Engage Through Facebook with a Great Business Page

Social Media Marketing: Twitter vs Facebook

Creating a Facebook business profile might seem like a really straightforward task, however, if you want to hit the mark just right and create a successful page, there are certain things you want to consider.

7 Essentials for an Effective Facebook Business Page

When you do things just to get them done, it is unlikely you’ll get the benefits you expect. If you want to open a successful business profile on Facebook, you must have a solid strategy in mind so that you can get the attention you want, and the engagement you need to increase your sales leads.

Create the Right Type of Profile

The purpose of your page should always be in the back of your mind. You want a business page, so create a business profile, not a personal one. Personal profiles don’t have the same features as a business profile which would put you at a serious disadvantage.

Choose a Profile Picture That Is Easy to Identify You By

Your profile picture is the face of your profile. If you use something that does not remotely relate to your brand, your audience will have a hard time finding you.

A good profile picture is essential to your business pageAdd an Engaging Element with a Good Cover Photo

A large area of your profile is used up by your cover photo. Make sure you use a high-quality image that is representative of your brand and that it’s attractive to your audience.

Don’t Neglect the About Section

Whatever you do, do not leave the About section empty. This is your chance to tell people who you are and what you have to offer. Include basic information like your vision and mission statements, link to your website, and business hours. This allows people to learn a little about you before they decide to Like your page.

Keep the Visual Content Coming

Content is a must-have in any business profile. Share videos, photos or articles that add value to your customers and that serve to interact with them.

Be Responsive

Comments and, most importantly, private messages should be a priority. Pay attention to the notifications and make sure you reply to questions or comments people send you within a reasonable timeframe. You don’t need to respond to every single comment on your wall but you should at least be on top of the conversations happening around your brand. That shows people you care and can help increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

Promote Your Page

Time to get your page out there for people to see. You can start by creating an ad to promote your page. Eventually, you can start paying for Facebook Ads. Anything that goes live to give your page some visibility should reflect your brand.

Highly Effective Business Profiles

In order to experience the benefit of a Facebook business profile, you need to manage it properly and that can require a lot of time and effort. At Impressions Agency, we are fully prepared to help you run a successful social media operation while you concentrate on other parts of your business. Let’s talk about how you can gain influence by offering value to your customers.