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Fighting for Clean, Safe, and Affordable Water for All

Water is our most crucial resource

Raising awareness and shaping policy about the future of water

From Erin Brockovich to the Flint Michigan water crisis, the need for national policies that advance clean, safe, and affordable water are more important than ever. Last week, March 19th-25th was Water Week 2017, a national bi-partisan effort to raise awareness and to give the most natural resource we have a more prominent place on the national policy agenda.

Fighting for access to clean, safe and affordable water
Next time you enjoy the crystal clear cascading water in our rivers take a minute to appreciate the men and women who fight to keep our rivers clean and safe

Many of us take clean water for granted, but there are continuous efforts by many special interest groups, lawmakers, politicians, and organization to ensure that every person has access to clean water, from the tap to the rivers to the ocean.

What Comes After Water Week?

Water Week 2017  has given us a bigger awareness and a chance for national and global water sector organizations to gather in Washington, DC, shape future policies and create a unified voice for the future of water. Now we take everything learned and get to work! Prioritizing water not only supports the health and safety of our citizens, but a healthy sustainable environment, economic development, and job creation. It’s the responsibility of policy makers and every one of us at home to make changes, big and small to protect our water sources.

By UNWater – Anna Nylander, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Story Behind World Water Day

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 22 as World Water Day. Since then it has been an international effort to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. This year’s theme for World Water Day was Wastewater in a unified effort to celebrate and raise awareness freshwater around the globe.

The fight for clean water for all
Everyone deserves access to clean safe and affordable water

Public access to clean water in America

Change always begins with awareness. Water Week and World Water Day is a united, bipartisan show of force by the water sector. Their goals are to energize grassroots efforts to shape policy, and to prove to lawmakers – and the public – that sustainability and access to clean water is one of our most crucial issues in America.

The next time you reach for a glass of water or take a dip in one of our world famous Colorado rivers, take a minute to appreciate how lucky you are to have access to clean, safe, and affordable water.

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