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Generate Impact with Great Headlines

Good headlines are not only needed in print media, they’re quite important on the Web, too. Writing an attractive headline for the Web takes a bit of work.

3 Tips to Write Effective Headlines for Your Site

You know a headline is doing its job when it entices people to keep reading. It’s funny how something so simple can have such a great impact. Have you ever read a newspaper headline and decided to just turn the page or not read it at all? A headline has that power. It can either invite people in or push them away. Here are some tips to help you come up with attractive headlines:

1) Make Sure Your Words Have Substance

Print media can get away with writing two-word headlines that don’t reveal much at all, but on the Web, it doesn’t work like that. One of the most important things to take into account when writing a headline is that is must be descriptive enough so that your audience can tell what your message is about without giving too much away. A headline that is too short and lacks substance will, most likely, cost you click-throughs.

2) Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Strengthen You SEO

Another good practice is to use your headlines as an SEO opportunity. By adding keywords or keyphrases to your headlines, it will be easier for users to find your content on search engines, hopefully at the top of the results. This is an excellent way to attract more readers.

3) Pull the Audience Into the Story

Not every informative headline is attractive enough for users to decide to click through and read the story presented to them. Every time a reader decides to not click through, you’re missing a business opportunity. In a way, the goal of the headline is to tease the audience, to intrigue them enough that they have no other option but to browse to the story and read the content. A simple word can make the difference between a dull headline and one that generates business.

A lot of thought is put into generating effective headlines. It can be rather overwhelming at times. At Impressions Agency, we have a team of talented content writers that can get your message across and increase your business opportunities. Let’s work together! Give us a call today.