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Google or Yelp? Which One Should You Focus On?

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Is Google Better for Your Business Than Yelp?

Yelp has become quite a popular review platform among business owners. It tends to get most of the attention, but that might cause other platforms to be overlooked.

Google reviews have an essential place in the review world, and it might even be more beneficial to businesses than Yelp. Google has a variety of things in favor, like the fact that their reviews are much more visible, and they also make it easier for customers to leave a review. Any time you can save customers a little trouble helps make you more relevant.

Those are just a few reasons why Google reviews are great, but there’s more. Give these a look. You might end up liking Google reviews much better.

Google Encourages You to Ask for ReviewsGoogle Encourages You to Ask for Reviews

Remember when we talked about how Yelp forbids you to ask customers for reviews? Well, Google is the complete opposite. Of course, you want to ask customers for their opinion. They know that, support it, and promote it —they even give you a link to facilitate the process.

Google Has a Positive Impact on Local SEO

Fact: SEO is vital for business. Many of the ranking factors are related to Google reviews, possibly because they give a clear idea about how satisfied your customers are with your business.

Google Brings In Business

Statistics show that 97% of consumers go on their quest for local businesses online, and 85% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as they trust in personal recommendations. People are online looking for businesses like yours, and if your name doesn’t show up, you’re going to miss lots of opportunities. On the contrary, if you show up when they search for businesses like yours, you are more likely to get clicks and calls in comparison with the competition.


Online reviews are valuable but so are the platforms you choose. What’s your favorite review platform?