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How to React After a Social Media Mishap

How React After a Social Media Mishap

Social media accidents are as public as they get. Learn how to face them and come back strong.

The Wise Way to Recover from a Social Media Accident

Managing social media can be tricky and it must be handled with care in order to deliver value and keep major mistakes from happening. That can be hard. It’s all about balance because you want to allow yourself to be free to interact with your customers and be engaging, while being professional but not coming off as a robot on the other end.

Because of the public nature of social media interaction, any mistake is highly exposed to the rest of the world. Sending an erroneous Facebook update or tweet is quite possible but once it happens, the key is in knowing how to respond gracefully:

Impulsive Reactions Are The Enemy

Quick responses aren’t always best. Allow yourself to take time to think and respond in an thoughtful and appropriate manner.

The Wise Way to Recover from a Social Media AccidentBe Honest About What Happened

There’s no need to hide. If something regrettable happened, it takes less than a few seconds for tons of people to find out. You can delete the message but you also need to address what happened. Instead of hiding, choose to face the issue and come clean about the situation. You’ll feel better and make everyone feel they can trust you by accepting the responsibility.

Take Time to Build Yourself Back Up

Not every social media mistake is fatal. Sometimes a mistake is just a mistake, and can be easily fixed and left behind. In other cases, your image could take a hit and when that happens you just need time and patience to let things pass and come back stronger than before. Many brands have re-emerged from social media disasters, so it can be done, you just need to give it time.

Let the Pros Handle Your Online Presence

Social media work can be a lot to handle and with everything going on in a business, it can be easily neglected. Your best bet to keep your reputation in great condition is to trust a team of professionals to the job for you, so you can focus on other areas of the business. Impressions Agency is proudly made out of professionals that are prepared to take care of your image online and deliver the best value to you and your customers. Let’s talk!