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I escaped the Box and decided to Live!

I was asked to write about myself and why I like writing for Impressions … That’s a tough topic!

When I was a kid, I never understood why we could only go to the beach during summer vacation and weekends. I never understood why you would want to live, work or study in a city… save all your money and go on holiday to the beach.

“Why not live there full time if you love it so much?!”

My parents’ answer was always the same, “you guys have to go to the right schools, we have to work in the city… blah, blah… maybe someday, when the roads get better (they haven’t)”. As a kid or as a teenager that was a distant dream, but I really felt a burning need to live close to the ocean!

I graduated high school, and then my parents insisted and insisted and insisted I go to college! Ok, I go to college, where I pursued cooking (but that’s another post). But felt miserable on the inside… “why can’t I be where I want to be?! … Bills, work, study, be a grown up, blah, blah” While in college I got a job at a call center, to get by and have some extra cash. What was only gonna be a temporary thing, transformed into 12 years!

Content manager esteban

Is this really what I want for the rest of my life?

One ordinary gray day at work, I was doing my usual. Taking calls about “what is this charge on my card!!”, “My audio book exploded,” “how do you read an Audio Book??”, just another day at the office.

And I started thinking, is this really what I want out of my life? Do I want to be here 12 more years? The answer to both questions was a big NO.

Long story short, I got up, resigned, moved to the beach and never looked back!

Packed all my stuff in boxes, put it in my grandma’s house and hoped to come back for it some day. And I moved where I always knew I belonged, next to the ocean.


Work has always been a vital part of my life so I started working on anything I could. First job a surf shop, then as a hotel receptionist, but I did not want to be in an office all day just like I was back in the city.

It’s Blogging Time

Call it fate, destiny, God’s work or whatever you want… But then, some people I had met from Colorado asked me if I wanted to be a part of their content team! Blogging? Hmmmmmmmm… never really thought about it, work from home, make my own hours, work my schedule around the tides, follow the surf all over the planet!! Of course, I was in!


And I joined Impressions Group!! I’m glad I did! I get to choose my topics; I have a great time researching. And best of all I get to do what I love.  I surf as much as possible, help out in my community, and try to consume as much stuff from my garden as I can.

It was a little scary at first; there were some bumps and flat tires. I also got a lot of calls from banks!! But it all worked out in the end. All I had to do was take the first step.

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And that’s how we do it here in Impressions!