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Improve Your SEO by Avoiding These Web Design Mistakes

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When designing a website, pleasing both users and search engines is the goal. Doing this can be tricky. Is your cool design hurting your SEO?

3 Web Design Mistakes That Weaken SEO

Coming up with a brilliant website design can be tricky. There should be a balance between beauty and function in order to satisfy SEO criteria and also give customers what they’re looking for. Here are some common mistakes you want to avoid.

Improving SEOForgetting About H1 Tags

It might sound odd, but the truth is there are a lot very stylish websites out there that completely neglect H1 tags, especially on the home page. The H1 tag is super important, as it’s one of the things that search engine crawlers will refer to in order to understand what your page is about. If it’s missing, your rankings will take a hit, so make sure you have that, along with your target keyword, and your chances of ranking higher will improve.

“Attacking” Users with Fancy Pop-ups

Understanding how and when to show pop-ups is crucial. When you trigger pop-ups without giving a chance for your visitors to look at your content, it affects user experience, which is a pretty big deal for Google. This means that your SEO is likely to be negatively affected by this.

Using Heavy Images and Media Files

The look of your website is important. Using beautiful images can make all the difference, but being mindful of the size of the media files you use can be easy to forget. Using large images and videos can take a toll on the speed of your site, which will affect your rankings. Run a quick scan to identify if you have large content and make it a point to optimize the media files you use.

Your Web design goal should be to produce a beautiful site that clearly communicates your message and addresses your customers’ information needs while providing a great user experience and being easy to find. Be mindful of SEO criteria and watch your rankings improve.