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How Much Do You Know About Blogger Outreach Campaigns?

4 Tips to Help you Increase Conversions Through Social Media

Expanding your reach helps you grow your business. There are many ways to deliver your message to a larger audience. Influencer marketing is a good option when you’re goal is to target specific groups of people.

Get into Influencer Marketing with 4 Simple Tips

Word of mouth has always been a great tool in getting through to more and more people. If one person provides good feedback about a service or product, people around them are likely to feel compelled to try it themselves. Social media makes influencer marketing possible. People who follow influencers are interested in their opinions as they can help them make smarter choices as consumers.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing, or blogger outreach campaigns, are basically a way for businesses to increase exposure of their products and services by leveraging influencers who already have a solid following. How? One way is to offer influencers a sample of your product or service, so they can try it and share their thoughts with their followers, giving you a chance to gain many followers at once through one effort. This approach can vary depending on your company’s relationship with the influencer.

The point of using influencer marketing is to have key influencers communicate your message to your audience. Implementing this strategy as part of your marketing plan can bring great benefits. These four steps will help you get started.

Get into Influencer Marketing with 4 Simple Tips
Finding the right people for blogger outreach campaigns can help you reach out to more people

Identify Influencers That Can Help Promote Your Brand or Business

Some things separate a brand fan from an actual influencer. When you’re trying to identify influencers to help you grow your business, you want to find people that meet certain criteria:

  • Strong social media following
  • Followers show a high level of engagement
  • An active blog with numerous subscribers
  • Posts sharing rate is high

Design an Influencer Marketing Plan

To start engaging with influencers, paying close attention to social media is useful. This will allow you to determine where influencers are the most present so you can target your posts to be seen by them.

Build Connections with Influencers

Once you’ve been able to connect with an influencer, it’s time to start building a relationship with them. This relationship should be based on a win/win type of situation, where you are helping them come out with exclusive content, while they help you promote your brand.

Broaden Your Influencer Network

As you get into influencer marketing, you can get in touch with more and more influencers to expand your network and expand your reach to a larger audience.

Engage with Your Audience Through Social Media

If you’re looking to stay connected with your customers and increase your relevancy on search results, Impressions Agency can help you manage your social media presence to reach these goals. Keeping all your social media profiles aligned with great content that keeps your audience interested. Talk to us about what you want to achieve through social media and we’ll help you get there.

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