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How Much Do You Know About Photo Marketing?

When thinking about online presence, blogs, websites, or social media come to mind, but images are not necessarily on the list. Photo marketing can help your marketing goals.

Using Photo Marketing to Up Traffic and Sales

The use of visuals and other graphics can directly impact your marketing efforts. Embrace photo marketing and watch your sales and traffic grow. Follow these three tips to help your brand through photo marketing:

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Boost SEO with Photo Marketing

Boost SEO Through Images

When customers search for something on search engines, they are more likely to click on a result that has relevant & high-quality images. Good images provide a sense of credibility and motivate customers to contact you about your product and service offerings. This is how images provide a chance to improve your SEO.

Merge Photo and Article Marketing

Combine great images with interesting articles to drive traffic to your blog. If you already do article marketing, you might really see the benefit of using images in your articles, although some markets will see a greater impact than others. Food blogs and news and events articles, for example, are areas where combining the two types of marketing really works well.

But... How Do You Repurpose Your Content for Social Media?
Photo Marketing in Social Media

Be Unique On Social Media

Communicating via text – like using email marketing, for example – is not always as efficient as using images. People have a tendency to be immediately captivated by photos, which is why using them to gain followers on social media can help you grow brand recognition. Plus, it works great to engage with your audience, as people feel compelled to comment, like, and share photos more than they do text.


Photo marketing is at the vanguard of what business insiders have dubbed a “Visual  Content Culture”.

Source: The Balance

Adding visual graphics to your website, social media, and blog can provide great advantages for business. If you want to establish a solid online presence, photo marketing can be your best ally. Drawing people into your content will certainly increase engagement and drive sales. At Impressions Agency, we can help you provide value for your customers. Request a free quote today and find out more about our services.