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Reinventing Ski Films: #Afterglow to be released this weekend!

If your not ready for Winter this may get you excited to see some snow!

Sweetgrass Productions filmed 2 professional skiers at night wearing LED suits

“We had a pretty crazy dream and I’m just glad we had the means to realize it”
– Afterglow co-director Nick Waggoner

AImpressionss usual, our Group is all about finding the most awesome content on the web. This is SWEET, AWESOME, CHALLENGING, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING and ENLIGHTNING… Yes, caps are intentional. Screaming all those caps with passion at the top of my lungs. Watch the teaser, surely you’ll agree. It’s 3 minutes of amazing. Think outside the box


Reinventing ski films

Sweetgrass Productions really deserves all hats off and all thumbs up for this 12 minute film they titled: Afterglow, filmed in Alaska, at night!

Two of the best skiers: Pep Fujas and Eric Hjorleifson, put on LED lighted suits and went downhill for a couple of nights of extreme, scary but amazing skiing. The 3 minute of skiing are like nothing I’ve seen, truly fabulous! Again, watch the clip! And tell us if you don’t think this is fantastic. Now, we wait for Sunday when the whole 12 minutes of the film gets released. Can’t wait!

“This is our way of saying: Hey, skiing has been filmed for like 60 years but there are still ways to reinvent the medium and still ways to look at it with fresh eyes,” says Waggoner.

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