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Providing Lifestyle Options for Mobility Workers

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How Offering Remote Work Options Benefits Your Employees

In the middle of the remote work revolution we are currently living, those businesses that are now joining this movement are beginning to realize the benefits this may bring. The good news here is that the benefits of remote work are a two-way street, one that both the employers and the employees can joyfully ride on.

Allowing your employees to work remotely provides more than just a nice break from the office a couple of times a week or more. It opens the door to a new way of living, one that is hard to give up once experienced. One that many employees would choose over most other benefits.

Here are some of the benefits businesses provide to their employees just by implementing telework:

Sense of Trust

When adequately executed, implementing a work-from-home policy in your business makes your employees feel like you consider them worthy of your trust. That results in increased morale and motivation, higher productivity, and a stronger sense of loyalty.

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Less Time Spent Commuting

If anyone ever said they enjoyed sitting in traffic on the way to work or on the way back, they’re probably not being honest. That is valuable time; everyone would be happier spending on more productive things. Working from home could mean less time commuting, and maybe even no time at all if they are working remotely on a full-time schedule.

Custom Office Space

Allowing your employees to work from home enables them to customize their workspace to fit their likes and needs. Crazy wall art? A mini-fridge? A massage chair? Or maybe just white walls and lots of plants everywhere? Sure. Whatever makes them happy!?

Money Savings

There is no need to spend money on gas, overpriced coffee, or snacks, not even on more clothes. They already have everything they need at their fingertips.

Better Work/Life Balance

Working from home gives employees more flexibility. They can have more control over their schedule, as long as they are meeting expectations and goals. That means they can spend more time with their loved ones, make more time for themselves —their interests, hobbies, or just to rest— and consequently, experience less stress and improved personal relationships.

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