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Using the Psychology of Social Networks to Your Business’s Advantage

Using The Psychology Of Social Networks To Your Business Advantage

Social media provides a great way for businesses to interact with their audience at a more personal level than a website can. With so many social networks out there, how can you determine the best fit for your brand?

How to Tell Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business

Knowing which social network to be on is one thing that is always on the minds of bloggers and marketers alike. The key is in understanding the psychology behind each to find the best fit for you.

Understanding the Demographics And Target Audience

There are plenty of social media networks now ranging from Facebook to Google+, which can make the choice even more confusing. Twitter is made up of mostly adults, and more than half of them are users under 30 years old. Instagram and Snapchat can also be found on the list. For this last one, its entire audience is made of people under 30. On the other hand, Facebook appeals to users of all ages ranging from 18 to over 65, while Pinterest is more relevant to women and LinkedIn engages mostly with the professional crowd interested in connecting with others through their professional background.

Engage you customers through social mediaHow the Psychology of Some Social Media Platforms Affects Your Marketing Strategy

According to, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the most relevant social media platforms to bloggers. The type of content present in each social network helps us understand the kind of users is has. For example, Facebook is a more closed type of network where users can choose who to share their content with and who to see content from. Users tend to have closer relationships with those in their network, which is good for businesses because of the trusting nature of its users. Facebook users are attracted to positive content and uplifting stories.

Another example is Pinterest. This network tends to showcase the “ideal reality” of things, creating a sense of fantasy for the user. Users like to see content related to food, fashion, design, travel, and anything DIY, similar to Instagram. Once you’ve determined the type of content that is shared on each network, you’ll be able to identify which of them suits your brand the best.

Let Your Customers Help With Your Marketing

Although it might be great for your brand to be present on all social media platforms, it can be really time-consuming unless you have a dedicated social media coordinatorLet us take care of your market research and interaction with your audience through social media while you’re fully focused on other parts of your business. Give us a call and we can work together to develop a killer strategy that fits your business and your customers.