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How to Carry Out Your Rebranding in the Digital Space

If you see the process of rebranding in your company’s near future, consider that not only your physical assets need to be taken care of, your online presence needs to be aligned with your rebranding strategy as well.

Leading a Successful Rebranding

There are many reasons to consider embarking on a rebranding journey, but whatever yours might be to think of giving your business a new face, there are a series of steps that need to be followed for it to be successful. After all, the last thing you want to forget about is your online identity.

Digital Assets Go First

Updating your digital assetsTo stay relevant and keep your customers aware of what’s going on, it is extremely important to update your digital assets.

  • If your business name changes, your domain name should along with it.
  • Your website will also need to be updated. In fact, if you’re going through a drastic image change, you might want to consider designing an entirely new site that looks nothing like the old one. This applies to your blog also, if you have one. You’ll definitely need to create fresh content if you want it to remain relevant.
  • Don’t neglect your social media accounts. Your followers deserve to be up to date with your company’s changes. Go ahead and give your accounts a new name and look to match your rebranding efforts, or retire them and open new ones and let your followers know how to find you.
  • Update the logos, signatures, and URLs that you use for email marketing.

Work on Your SEO

Another essential step of the online rebranding process is to have your SEO efforts support that process. It’s a good idea to have your customers be redirected via 301 redirects to your new website rather than your old one, especially if it’s no longer in service. Doing some keyword mapping or reusing some of your most popular past keywords on your new site can also be a good practice.

Have a Seamless Transition with the Help Of Experts

Rebranding adds a lot to your to-do list, and it can be really overwhelming. Impressions Agency is here to assist you in your digital marketing needs. We are committed to excellence in all things we deliver. If you’re interested in our services, feel free to give us a call.