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Should You Host Your Own Website or Hire a Web Hosting Service?

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Benefits of Hiring a Web Hosting Service

You may be wondering — can I or should I host my own website? After all, a server is just a computer. Isn’t it? Technically, it is a computer and sure, you could host a website yourself, but it does require a lot of time, effort, money, and technical knowledge to do it successfully. Otherwise, it can turn into a real nightmare for you.

Here’s the thing. Hosting your own website transfers all of the responsibilities of a hosting service to you. Meaning you will have to know how to deal with power outages, figure out what to do when your connection is slow, understand all the details related to maintenance — software and hardware, and a lot more. A web hosting service does all the heavy lifting for you, while you enjoy having a functioning website.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a web hosting service.

Handles Millions of Visitors

Web hosts have the tools in place to provide you with excellent speeds and enable your site to be visited by millions of people at the same time.

Keeps Your Site Up Even When the Power is Out

No need to worry about power outages. Web hosting companies have servers that are always running, and even when the power is out, they have backup generators that allow your site to stay online.

Offers Maintenance Services

Keeping a network of servers up and running all the time is no easy task. Web hosts will typically have a team dedicated to just that. They ensure the servers have the latest software and hardware components, to allow them to run smoothly.

Provides a Static IP Address

Your IP at home probably changes over time, which means it is dynamic. That is fine for your home computer but not for the server you are running your website. Web hosts offer a static IP address, so your IP address will remain the same, for as long as you stay with the same web hosting company.


If you’re planning to create a new website for your small business, now you know it’s best to hire a web hosting service, rather than host it yourself.