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3 Steps to Apply Lead Management in Small Businesses

3 Steps to Apply Lead Management in Small Businesses

How Small Business Owners Can Best Manage Online Leads

Leads are gold for any online business and it is imperative to know how to manage them. Why? Leads are the equivalent of someone peeking through the window at any physical store. When a new lead comes in, you can’t just ignore it. As a business owner, you need to make sure there is a process in place to get these leads through the front door.

Although it is very common for small businesses to let those opportunities slide for various reasons, from not understanding their value to not knowing how to deal with them.  The bottom line is that there needs to be some sort of action so that those leads are effectively managed, eventually turning into actual customers. The process doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are 3 simple steps that help you start managing leads:

Make Time to Respond

Leads can turn into customers, if and only if you take advantage of the chance they’re giving you. If they have somehow expressed their interest in your business, the least you can do is respond. Keep in mind this is the very first impression they’re going to have of your business, so you want to make sure you send out the right message by responding.

Provide a Prompt Response

Making a mental note that you’re eventually going to respond is not enough. You need to act and you need to act fast. Customers always have needs, and whoever responds to those needs first, is likely to win them over. You want that to be you. Don’t stall, make sure you get in touch with your potential customer quickly.

It’s not about being pushy, it’s about providing top quality customer service from the get-go, and listening to your customer’s needs so you can assess how to best address them.

How Small Business Owners Can Best Manage Online Leads
Managing leads can result in increased sales

Acknowledge Not Every Lead Will Become a Sale Opportunity

Yes, it’s important to follow up with your leads as each of them represents a sales opportunity, which leads to growth. However, not everyone who contacts you is ready to take the next step. Be patient and don’t get frustrated if you hit a wall sometimes. Just make sure your lead management process is consistent, regardless of the outcome, and continue to put your best foot forward. Slowly but surely, it will pay off.


Your website can help you be more efficient in managing leads.  One example is by enabling web forms to collect important data from your visitors. At Impressions Agency, we will help you improve your visitor’s experience by enhancing your website and making it more dynamic. Request a quote or contact us to find out more about how we can help you grow.