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Social Media Can Help Manage Your Business Reputation

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How to Use Social Media to Build and Manage Your Business Reputation

A business’s reputation is incredibly valuable. What your customers hear, read, and think about you could make or break your business.

Online reviews play a significant role in business reputation. Around 85% of people consider online reviews to be as trustworthy as a personal recommendation and admit they influence their buying decisions. That is why your business’s online reputation is so important.

Most online reputation management is done by responding to reviews, asking customers for reviews, and posting updates on Google My Business. However, social media platforms can be very helpful in managing your business reputation.

Build Trust-Based Relationships

Would you feel comfortable buying something from a business you know nothing about —a company you don’t trust? Well, neither would your customers. Social media provides businesses with an opportunity to build trusting relationships before meeting their customers one-on-one.

Share videos or photos that show your team, host live videos to address common questions, talk about a relevant topic for your customers, share helpful tips, and be authentic. That will help you build trust online and attract more customers while improving your reputation.

Interact with Your Audience

In general, replying to customers’ comments is a good practice. It helps increase engagement and lets people know you’re there for them. When it comes to negative comments or reviews, it’s a good idea to take time and reply to address their concerns. Did you know that 70 percent of people said they are likely to change their opinion —in a positive way— about the business if they receive a reply to their negative reviews?

When it comes to negative reviews, the best approach is to publicly reply to the customer and let them know you’ll address their concerns via private messages. Be sure to empathize with them and show them you’re listening. They’ll appreciate knowing that you’re willing to improve their experience.

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Generate Reviews as Part of the Conversation

Positive reviews are great for business, and social media platforms are an excellent way to capture what your customers think about your products or services. You can do that by monitoring your mentions and notifications to see what people are saying about you. You could also be more direct, ask your customers for their thoughts, and share a link to your preferred review platform. The easier it is for them to give you a review, the more reviews you will get.

Monitor Your Social Media Accounts

There are many social media monitoring tools today that can help you manage your reputation through this channel. These tools will help you keep track of how your posts are performing, the level of engagement, and much more.