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Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Social Media Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Social media is such a powerful marketing tool, as it allows you to connect to your online audience on a more personal level than other media like email, or even your website. Many businesses have had great success thanks to a social media platform, but when not used properly, it can cost you more than it will do any good.

Stay Away from These 5 Monumental Social Media Mistakes

Mistakes are made every day. Even though it’s only natural to miss a few things in the learning process, when it comes to social media, there are some mistakes that you definitely don’t want to make. Here are five of the most common ones you should avoid.

Don't commit to too many social media platforms
Being on Too Many Platforms

For things to be successful, one must focus. This rule applies to everything, including social media presence. Committing to too many social media platforms can be too much to handle, especially if you have a small marketing team. It’s a much better idea to have well-defined business goals and become really invested in just one or maybe two platforms to support them.

Ignoring Your Followers

There’s no point in “staying connected” with people through social media if you’re going to neglect your followers. Don’t turn your back on them. Loyal and engaged followers will support you and are what make your business a success.

Attempting to Imitate Others

The thought of copying another brand’s social media strategy might be tempting, especially if they’ve had great results with it. The thing about social media, though, is that people are expecting fresh, innovative content. Having a unique voice online will keep your customers engaged.

Assuming All Social Networks are the Same

Different social networks have different types of users who expect different types of content on each. To select the right platform for your business you first need to understand what your goal is, what kind of audience you’re after, and what strategy you will use to support your goals. Don’t treat all social networks the same. Some content works best on certain platforms and not others.

Not Understanding Your Target Audience

If you’re putting your brand up on social media, you need to understand who your target audience is. First, because this will enable you to choose the right platform, and second, because you can’t share relevant content if you don’t know what your audience likes.

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